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All, Bioinformatics(1), Biomaterials(2), Biomedical and biological imaging(2), Biomedical and Health Big Data Analytics, Visualization, and Knowledge Modeling(1), Biomedical Engineering(15), Biomedical Engineering EDUCATION(1), Biomedical Engineering Optics(2), Biomedical Photonics(2), Bionanotechnology(2), Biophotonics(2), Bioprinting(1), Biosignal Processing(1), Cancer engineering(1), Cancer Technologies (cutting-edge technologies for early cancer detection, therapy, and minimally invasive/robotic surgery)(1), Cardiovascular(1), Cell and Molecular Bioengineering(1), Cellular Engineering(1), Computational Bioengineering(1), computational medicine/surgery, cancer biomechanics, systems biomechanic, or developmental biomechanics(1), Connected Health(1), Gene Manipulation Techniques(1), Genetic Engineering(1), genome engineering technologies(3), Instrumentation(2), instrumentation and medical devices for surgery/intervention(2), interventional imaging(1), Mechanical Engineering(1), Mechanobiology(1), Medical and Cellular/Molecular Imaging(1), Medical Devices(1), Medical image processing(1), medical image processing and computer vision(1), Medical Imaging(2), Medical ultrasound(1), Molecular and cellular systems(2), Molecular Biology(1), Nanomedicine(2), Nanotechnology and Sensing(2), Neural(1), Neural Engineering(1), New Biomedical Imaging Modalities(1), Orthopedics engineering(1), Regenerative engineering in medicine(1), regenerative medicine(1), Regenerative Nanobioengineering(1), Rehabilitation Engineering(1), Signal/Image Processing(1), Stem Cell Biology(1), Stem Cell Engineering and Biomanufacturing(2), Syntheic Biology(1) ...more...
Cornell University, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  1. [MECHANICAL_BIOENG] Assistant Professor (2020/08/31)

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