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All, Alternative Dispute Resolution(1), Business Law(3), data and digital justice(2), Environmental Law(1), Land-use law(1), law and humanities(5), Legal Studies(5)
Cornell University, Center for Applied Research on Work (CAROW)
  1. [CJEI] Director of Technological Innovation, Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative - HYBRID
  2. [LAWPOLICYCJEI] Law & Policy Associate, Cornell ILR Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative - HYBRID
Cornell University, Outreach
  1. [LABOREMPLAW] Senior Labor & Employment Law Education Associate - Senior Extension Associate HYBRID - ILR School, Cornell University
Cornell University, Yang Tan Institute
  1. [REHABYTI] Vocational Rehabilitation Associate - Extension Associate
  2. [WORKASSOCYTI] Work Incentives Associate - Extension Associate Yang-Tan Institute

(5 positions listed)