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All, American Politics(6), Computer Science(1), Economics(1), Environmental Politics(1), International Development(1), Open(1), Political Institutions(2), Political Science(1), Political Theory(1), Public Law(1) ...more...
California State University, Long Beach, Political Science/AA/College of Liberal Arts
  1. [ASSTPROFESSOR] Assistant Professor (deadline 2019/12/31)
Duke Kunshan University
  1. [19FSSETHICSLEADERSHIP] Faculty Positions (rank open) in Ethics and Leadership
  2. [19FSSIPE] Faculty Positions (rank open) in International Political Economy
Duke University, Department of Political Science
  1. [DEVLABPREPOSTDOC] DevLab Pre/Postdoctral Fellow (2020/04/01)
Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy
  1. [AGSINSTRUCTOR] American Grand Strategy Instructor
Duke University, Thompson Writing Program
  1. [TWPLFFY21] Lecturing Fellow (deadline 2020/02/15*)
Georgetown University, Government
  1. [NTLGOVERNMENT] Assistant Professor of Teaching--Government (reviewing applications, deadline 2020/01/03*)
Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  1. [ASSOP] Associate Professor/Professor (deadline 2019/11/30)
Merrimack College, Political Science
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSORPOLITICALSCIENCEANDPUB] Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Policy
  2. [ASSISTANTPROFESSORTENURETRACKPOLITICALSC] Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies & Sustainability
2112 0
Ohio State University, Mershon Center for International Security Studies
  1. [HAYESCHAIR] Wayne Woodrow Hayes Chair in National Security Studies (deadline 2020/01/15)
Ohio State University, The Department of Political Science
  1. [API] American Political Institutions (deadline 2019/10/01)
  2. [RGE] Politics of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Politics (deadline 2019/10/01)
Stanford University, Political Science
  1. [SCI_PDF] Civics Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowship (2020/02/29)
265 0
Stony Brook University, Department of Political Science
  1. [AMPOL] Associate/Full Professor (deadline 2019/10/28)
University of Oregon, Department of Political Science
  1. [AY20POOL] Instructor Pool (accepting applications)
Vanderbilt University, Political Science
  1. [CSDIPD] CSDI Postdoctoral Research Scholar (deadline 2020/02/14)
  2. [CSDISVP] CSDI Senior Visiting Professorship (deadline 2020/02/14)

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