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Health Sciences, Carleton University
  1. [PROF] Assistant Professor (2017/10/31)
Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
  1. [AAFPGLOBHEALTH] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Global Health and Nutrition
Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University
  1. [HAMASSTPROFS] Health and Applied Microeconimics - Department of Policy Analysis and Management
  2. [PAINCPC] Postdoctoral Associate – Cornell Population Center
524 0
McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
  1. [17PROF] Endowed Chair, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
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Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Public Health
  1. [1667] Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor – Tenure Track
College of Public Health, Ohio State University
  1. [CHAIREHS] Chair, Division of Environmental Health Sciences
  2. [DTMET] Metabolomics Discovery Theme (halted)
  3. [FACULTY] Open Faculty Position (Open Search) (halted)
  4. new posting[HSMPHCM] Health Services Management and Policy Health Care Management Faculty (2018/05/27)
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School of Medicine, Yale University

(11 positions listed)

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