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The Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE) is a research institute directly subordinate to Shaanxi Normal University. Our goal is to conduct rigorous experiments that simulate actual government programs or policies and use our findings to transform the actions of government and other members of the education sector. We hope this will allow us to bring about greater educational equity and allow poor rural children to realize their dreams. We intend to reach this goal by carrying out the following primary activities: 1. Establishing a new platform for experimental research to simulate and evaluate Chinese education policy. 2. On the foundation of this experimental research platform, conducting interdisciplinary action research in the spheres of education and rural public policy and advocating for the spread of rigorous impact evaluation research in China. 3. Creating a formal Experimental Economics in Education (EEE) discipline—with the collaboration of both Chinese and international academics—so as to cultivate a new generation of Chinese experts in the field of EEE. 4. Providing government policymakers and social organizations with an empirical foundation drawn from rigorous impact evaluations of their policies and programs. The CEEE is oriented towards the needs of society and emphasizes the integration of academic research, policy advocacy and social action. Our team works to find low-cost, feasible and effective ways to resolve critical problems in the education and development spheres and makes use of rigorous empirical evidence to transform policy advocacy in these domains. The CEEE is particularly focused on conducting research in four core theme areas: nutrition, health and education; technology and human capital; keeping kids in school; and rural public services.

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