Institute of Law, Politics and Development (DIRPOLIS), Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

2442 0DIRPOLIS INSTITUTE OF SANT'ANNA SCHOOL OF HIGH STUDIES The DIRPOLIS Institute (Institute of Law, Politics and Development) is a research center devoted to interdisciplinary studies in the fields of law, economics and political sciences. Its core mission is to conduct innovative research by adopting a multidisciplinary approach to offer a comprehensive and multi-faceted representation of legal, social, economic and political phenomena. The Institute strives to provide scientifically sound and action-oriented bases to effective decision-making processes, at both private and public levels. The Institute offers graduate and post-graduate courses built upon theoretical and applied research. It also organizes advanced-level training events aimed at professionals wishing to acquire new skills and knowledge in their respective fields of work. The Institute offers consultancy services for a wide range of international, national and regional entities. It actively disseminates the results of its research by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses, both in Italy and abroad. Dirpolis is one of the six Institutes created since 2011 at the SANT'ANNA SCHOOL OF HIGH STUDIES which is a public university institute - with special autonomy - working in the field of applied sciences: Economics and Management, Law, Political Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology, Medicine, and Industrial and Information Engineering. Research and Education in an international Environment The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies aims at experimenting innovative paths in research and education. Professors and researchers live and interact with the students, day after day, enjoying a continuous cultural and intellectual exchange. Innovative ideas, which are then developed in collaboration with foreign universities, organizations, companies and research institutes, are generated here. Due to its international nature, education of excellence and scientific community, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies established itself as a reference both in Italy and abroad. The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is part of the EUA (European University Association) as an "individual full member".

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