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The Padua theoretical particle physics group has diverse research interests that range from astroparticle and cosmological physics that describes the physics of the early Universe, to the physics of the Standard Model and beyond that describes the fundamental interactions and matter of the subnuclear world. The research interest of the group is currently focused on a sparse variety of arguments. Group members have played a major role in exploring many different aspects of Physics Beyond the Standard Model, such as effective field theories, supersymmetry, extended gauge group models, extra dimensions and string inspired phenomenology. Connections between particle physics and astrophysical and cosmological observation (like neutrino physics, dark matter and dark energy) are also deeply investigated. Research areas of the Standard Model include expertise in flavour physics (g-2, neutrino, K and B physics, CP violation) and Higgs physics. The theoretical particle physics group include the following staff members: F. Feruglio, A. Masiero, P. Mastrolia, P. Paradisi, M. Passera, S. Rigolin, A. Wulzer and F. Zwirner in addition to several postdocs.

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