Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics, Zhejiang University, China

2199 0 Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University (formerly known as National Chekiang University) is one of the oldest modern university in China. The nuclear physics/particle physics group at ZJU was founded in mid 1930s by Kan-Chang Wang who first proposed to use K-capture to detect neutrino. Chien-Shiung Wu (Madam Wu) and Tsung-Dao Lee (TD Lee) were both trained in the department. 

  Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics (ZIMP) was founded in 1991 by the Nobel laureate and ZJU alumnus Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee. The high energy physics theory group at ZIMP currently consists of nine full time faculty members. Group members pursue a broad range of research in formal quantum field theory, particle phenomenology, lattice QCD and hadron physics. Research in formal field theory focuses on developing theoretical tools for computing scattering amplitude. Particle phenomenology research includes perturbative QCD, physics beyond the Standard Model as well as heavy flavor physics.

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