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All, Advanced Design and Statistical Analysis(1), Animal behavior(2), Animals(1), Biochemical(1), Biochemistry(1), Biology(3), Biophysics(1), Cell Biology(4), Computational biology(6), Developmental Biology(3), Ecology(1), Evolutionary Biology(2), Gene Regulation(1), Genetics(1), Genomics(4), Immunology(5), Mathematical Modeling(2), Microbiology(3), Molecular(2), Molecular Genetics(3) ...more...
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOCGENERAL] Postdocs
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1. [MSFELLOW_2019] Mazumdar-Shaw International Oncology Fellow (2019/06/03*)
503 0
Science Division, Yale-NUS College
  1. [FLS] Assistant Professor in Life Sciences (2019/08/01)

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