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Position ID:CEA-Saclay-Institut de Physique Theorique-STRINGPD [#15487]
Position Title: Postdoctoral positions in hep-th/string theory
Position Type:Postdoctoral
Position Location:Gif sur Yvette, Ile de France 91191, France [map]
Subject Areas: High-Energy Theory / String Theory, AdS/CFT, Quantum Field Theory, Theoretical High-Energy
Appl Deadline:2019/11/30help popup finished (2019/11/13, finished 2020/06/07)
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*** this position has been closed. ***

The String Theory group at the Institut de Physique Théorique (IPhT) of CEA/Saclay invites applications for several postdoctoral positions in quantum gravity, quantum field theory and AdS/CFT, funded by the following ERC grants:

** "Deconstructing the string landscape" (Mariana Graña)

** "Emergent spacetime and maximally spinning black holes" (Monica Guica)

** "Scattering Strings and Other Things: A Modern Approach to Quantum Gravity and the Conformal Bootstrap" (Eric Perlmutter)

** "The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information" (Nick Warner)

The appointments will start in Fall 2020 for an initial period of two years, with a third year subject to performance evaluation and funds availability.

Permanent members of the String Theory group include Iosif Bena, John-Joseph Carrasco, Mariana Graña, Monica Guica, Ruben Minasian, Eric Perlmutter, Pierre Vanhove and Nick Warner. The group maintains close contact with members of the scattering amplitudes group (Gregory Korchemsky, David Kosower) and the Mathematical Physics group (François David, Bertrand Eynard, Ivan Kostov, Sylvain Ribault, Didina Serban), as well as the Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Cosmology, Nuclear and Statistical Physics groups.

The IPhT has a very active research environment spanning all areas of theoretical physics, a vibrant visitor program, and strongly coupled interactions with the other physics institutes in the Paris area (http://string.lpthe.jussieu.fr).

Interested candidates are invited to submit an application by November 30 via the common European online postdoc interface:


On that form, applicants should indicate their preference for the IPhT, CEA Saclay.

This employer is not accepting applications for this position through AcademicJobsOnline.Org. Please apply at https://itf.fys.kuleuven.be/postdoc-application/instructions.
Contact: Mariana Graña, Monica Guica, Eric Perlmutter, Nick Warner
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Institut de Physique Théorique
CEA Saclay
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette
Web Page: https://www.ipht.fr/en/index.php

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