Quantum Gravity Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Position ID:OIST-Quantum Gravity Unit-POSTDOC [#8304]
Position Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
Position Type:Postdoctoral
Position Location:Onna, Okinawa 904-0495, Japan [map]
Subject Areas: Physics / HEP-Theory (hep-th), GR-Cosmology (gr-qc)
Appl Deadline:2016/11/15 finished (posted 2016/10/14)
Position Description:    

*** this position has been closed, and no new applications will be accepted. ***

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) is establishing a research group in theoretical physics, with a focus on quantum gravity and related questions in e.g. string theory, QFT and cosmology.
The group will be led by Yasha Neiman, who will begin full-time employment as OIST faculty in January 2017.
We are looking to hire our first postdoc, for a 3-year term to begin in the fall of 2017, or earlier if desired.

OIST is a young and growing research and graduate education institute, located on the beautiful Japanese island of Okinawa. The institute is English-speaking and international in nature, and enjoys generous funding from the Japanese government. Its unique structure emphasizes individual research groups over departments, providing each group with substantial freedom to define itself and to collaborate with others. OIST is just beginning to develop a population of fundamental theorists, and we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of that process. Current faculty with related interests include Shinobu Hikami and Hirotaka Sugawara.

We are looking for an independent person with an inner drive and an ability to pursue their own research direction. The aim is to have a diverse group where members can learn from each other about different aspects of fundamental theory.

A central question for the group at this moment is how to think about quantum gravity when confined to a finite region, due e.g. to a cosmological horizon. The current focus is on a research program for constructing a working model of quantum (higher-spin) gravity in de Sitter space, where a holographic theory at de Sitter infinity translates into observable physics inside horizons. Current work involves both conceptual issues in de Sitter physics and the development of new tools and perspectives in higher-spin theory. Depending on their preference, the successful applicant may either join these lines of work or pursue a different one.

The base annual salary range for postdocs at OIST is currently 4.4-5.7 million yen. Within this range, the salary increases with each year since the Ph.D.
A postdoc in the group will receive travel funding for 2 trips per year. These trips can be long-distance (e.g. US/Europe), and may include a number of institutions in the same region. In addition, the group has an annual visitor-hosting budget of about 6 person-months.

For any inquiries, please contact Yasha Neiman at: yneiman@perimeterinstitute.ca

The application should contain the following documents, in PDF format:
1. Cover letter.
2. Curriculum vitae.
3. Research statement.

In addition, the applicant should arrange for three reference letters, to be submitted via the AcademicJobsOnline system.
Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2016.

For further information about OIST, visit: http://www.oist.jp
For a list of current research groups, visit: http://www.oist.jp/research-units

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OIST, Neiman Unit
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