High Energy Nuclear Physics Group, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Position ID:Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences-High Energy Nuclear Physics Group-ADSNEUTRINOS [#8593]
Position Title: Neutrino Physics with an Accelerator Driven Reactor
Position Type:Postdoctoral
Position Location:Lanzhou, Gansu 730000, China [map]
Subject Area: High Energy Physics / Neutrino physics and Astrophysics
Appl Deadline:2017/08/15 finished (posted 2016/11/17, updated 2017/05/18, listed until 2017/08/17)
Position Description:    

*** The account for High Energy Nuclear Physics Group, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has expired, and no new applications will be accepted. ***

The Institute of Modern Physics would like to announce the opening of one or more postdoc positions beginning in 2017. The positions are for 2 years and may be renewed for a third. The base salary is $1200-$1350/month after taxes but if the applicant wins a fellowship, as most do, this will be increased to $2100/month.

Research group website: http://www.escience.cn/people/hadronIMP/index.html

Research description: We are searching a postdoctoral candidate interested in neutrino physics. We are planning neutrino physics experiments using beams that are being constructed here for an accelerator driven system (ADS) subcritical nuclear reactor. These experiments include sterile neutrino searches and a measurement of the CP violating phase delta. In addition, we are interested in the use of neutrino elastic scattering as a safety measure, to monitor in real time the ADS target station. We are also interested in the JUNO experiment. The ideal condidate has some experience with either neutrino experiments or simulations.

Institute Description: The Institute of Modern Physics is a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is roughly the equivalent of JLAB or Brookhaven in the US. It employs 852 staff members including 371 researchers. It operates the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou, which consists of the Sector Focusing Cyclotron, the Separated Sector Cyclotron, the Cooler Storage Ring, the Radioactive Ion Beam Line, and a number of experimental terminals.

Lanzhou Description: Lanzhou is a culturally-diverse silk road town of 3 million people at the crossroads of the orient, Tibet, central Asia and Mongolia. It is about an hour’s drive from the beginning of the Tibetan plateau. While not long ago it was the most polluted city in China, an intensive and ongoing campaign of tree planting, natural gas conversions of vehicles and moving factories out of the city has led to an air quality above average for Chinese cities (albeit on par with 1980s Los Angeles.)

The cost of a meal at a common restaurant in Lanzhou is $1.50-$2 while a taxi costs 25 cents/kilometer. 2 bedroom apartments in the city center typically cost $300-$400/month.

Application Materials Required:
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Further Info:
Building 5,
Institute of Modern Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
NanChangLu 509, Lanzhou
730000 China

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