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  1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Department of Theoretical Physics §
  2. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Physics §
  3. Technische Universität Darmstadt, Bio-inspired Communication Systems Lab (3)
  4. Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Kernphysik §
  5. Tel Aviv University, Particle Physics §
  6. Temple University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  7. Temple University, Computer and Information Sciences (1)
  8. Temple University, Department of Chemistry (1)
  9. Temple University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  10. Temple University, Physics (6)
  11. Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry
  12. Texas A&M University, Department of Statistics
  13. Trinity College Dublin, Theoretical Physics §
  14. Trinity University, Engineering Science
  15. TRIUMF, Theory §
  16. Tsinghua University, Department of Earth Systems Science (1)
  17. Tsinghua University, Institute for Advanced Study
  18. Tsinghua University, Institute of interdisciplinary information sciences (1) §
  19. Tsinghua University, Quantum Condensed Matter Group, Department of Physics (1) §
  20. Tsinghua University, Theoretical high energy physics §
  21. Tsinghua University, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center §
  22. Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (2)
  23. Tufts University, Institute of Cosmology §
  24. University of Tennessee Chattanooga, SimCenter/Computational Science and Engineering
  25. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  26. University of Texas at Arlington, High Energy Physics §
  27. University of Texas at San Antonio, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  28. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, School of Medicine
  29. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Biochemistry
  30. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Bioinformatics (1)
  31. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Biophysics
  32. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Cell Biology (1)
  33. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Immunology (1)
  34. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Internal Medicine/Center for Autophagy Research
  35. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Physiology
  36. University of Tokyo, International Research Center for Neurointelligence send new eDelivery package
  37. University of Tokyo, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
  38. University of Toronto, Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  39. University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science (7)
  40. University of Toronto, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
  41. University of Toronto, High energy phenomenology group §
  42. University of Toronto, Physics
  43. University of Toronto, Statistical Sciences
=institutional memberships, §=small research groups, ‡ 26 active job ads

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