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Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Chapman University
  1. [F2016NTTHSK] Instructor of Health Science, Non Tenure Track, Fall 2016 (filled, deadline 2015/11/30, end 2016/05/31)
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
  1. [NYCECE] Tenured Faculty Position - Electrical and Computer Engineering (end 2016/05/31)
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Center for Quantum Devices, University of Copenhagen
  1. [PODONANOST] Post-doctoral position in material synthesis and nanostructured device fabrication for quantum information technologies at the Center for Quantum Devices and Station Q Copenhagen (end 2016/05/31)
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University
  1. new posting[APSTM] Adjunct Professor in Systems Thinking and Management (end 2016/06/01)
  2. new posting[LGPP] Lecturer in Government, Politics and Policy (end 2016/06/01)
Center for Quantum Devices, University of Copenhagen
  1. [PDOCTOPOQINFO] Postdoctoral fellow in topological quantum information (end 2016/06/01)
  2. [POSDOCSUPCONMULTIQ] Postdoctoral fellow in realizing superconducting multi-qubit devices to function as a small quantum compute (end 2016/06/01)
CVM Department of Population Medicine & Diagnostic Sciences, Cornell University
  1. [EPI] Faculty Position in Epidemiology
Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
  1. [PD] Postdoctoral Associate - Experimental Biology (end 2016/06/07)
  2. [TRF] Teaching & Research Fellow (end 2016/06/15)
Nursing, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016197] CEIN/BS Assistant/Associate Clinical Professor, Stamford - Repost (end 2016/06/15)
Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  1. [INIRESEARCHFACULTY] Information Networking Institute Research Faculty (end 2016/06/17)
Nursing, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016480] Assistant/Associate Professor, Adult Health/Health Disparities (end 2016/06/21)
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016446] Instructor or Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (end 2016/06/27)
Civil and Construction Engineering Management, California State University, Long Beach
  1. [BPOP] Full-time Faculty of Practice (12 month) Heavy Civil Construction (end 2016/06/30)
Department of Computer Science, Colgate University
  1. [VAP16] Two-Year Visiting Assistant Professor (deadline 2016/03/15)
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Colgate University
  1. [FRENCHVAP] Romance Languages and Literatures Visiting Assistant Professor of French (deadline 2016/04/20, end 2016/06/30)
  2. [SPANVAPONEYEAR] VAP in Spanish courses in Peninsular 19th ­century literature (deadline 2016/04/30, end 2016/06/30)
  3. [VAPINSPANISH2YEAR] VAP in Spanish language and Latin American literature (deadline 2016/04/30, end 2016/06/30)
College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
  1. [CUHADIR] Hospital Director (end 2016/06/30)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Irvine
Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University
  1. [MCADAM] Lowell & Susan McAdam Professor of Heart Assist Technology
Chemistry, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016559] Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Chemistry (end 2016/07/05)
Computer Science, Cornell University
  1. [CSFACNYCTECH] Faculty Positions – Computer Science, Cornell Tech (deadline 2015/12/01, end 2016/07/06)
  2. [FACCS] Tenured, Tenure-track, or Lecturer (deadline 2015/12/01, end 2016/07/06)
2397 0
  1. new posting[LORAP] Lecturer or Assistant Professor (tenure-track position) (end 2016/07/15)
1279 0
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles
Art and Art History, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016532] Visiting Assistant Professor, Graphic Design (end 2016/07/26)
Allied Health Sciences, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016540] Professor and Head, Department of Allied Health Sciences
2012 7282
Advanced Science Research Center, City University of New York
  1. [PHDIR] Director of Photonics & Professor (end 2016/07/31)
School of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America
  1. [TT] Open/Philosophy of Science (filled, end 2016/08/01)
Physics, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016321] Postdoctoral Research Associate in Ultrafast Physical Chemistry/Coherent Phenomena/Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics (Postdoctoral Fellow 1) (end 2016/08/01)
Materials Science & Engineering, Cornell University
  1. [PROF] Faculty Position
Department of Food Science, Cornell University
  1. [EASEA] Extension or Senior Extension Associate
Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
  1. [AAFP] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
University Libraries, Colgate University
  1. [COLLARCH] Collections Archivist (end 2016/08/22)
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Cornell University
  1. [FONTES] CHESS Scientist (end 2016/08/26)
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University
  1. [FIELDCROPSSPECIALIST] Field Crops Specialist (Extension Associate) (end 2016/08/31)
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Cornell University
  1. [INSITUPD] MILLER INSITU (end 2016/08/31)
Department of Communication, Cornell University
  1. [ASSOCIATEORFULLPROFESSOR] Associate or Full Professor of Communication (Department of Communication / Jacobs Institute) (end 2016/08/31)

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