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Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Duke University
  1. [FAC16DCRI] Open-Rank Faculty-Biostatistics
  2. [FAC19DCRI] Faculty-Biostatistics-Comparative Effectiveness
Economics, Duke University
  1. [HUFF] W.R. Huff Professor of the Practice (end 2017/11/30)
Office of the Provost, Duke University
  1. [LAWSCHOOLDEAN] Dean, Duke University School of Law (end 2017/11/30)
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University
  1. [FAC2017] Faculty Position in Cell Signaling (end 2017/11/30)
Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University
  1. [LECTURERPN] LECTURER (deadline 2017/11/17, end 2017/11/30)
  2. [PNLECTURER] Lecturer (deadline 2017/11/17)
Duke Kunshan University
  1. [FACULTYGPH] Assistant/Associate Professor
3 0
Biology, Duke University
  1. [APLI] Instructor – Animal Physiology Teaching Lab (end 2017/12/01)
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
  1. [INSTRUMENT] Director of Instrument Facilities (Chemistry) (end 2017/12/01)
  2. [POSTDOCRNA] Postdoctoral Position in RNA Biochemistry and Targeting
Office of the Provost, Duke University
  1. [DEAN] Dean, Sanford School of Public Policy
Margolis Health Policy Center, Duke University
  1. [CHPRASSOC] Research Associate (deadline 2017/10/11, end 2017/12/11)
Women's and Gender Studies Program, Dartmouth College
  1. [APWGSS] Assistant Professor in Transnational Feminism (end 2017/12/15)
Biology, Duke University
  1. [ASSTPROFDCMB] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/11/15, end 2017/12/15)
2312 0
English for International Students, Graduate School, Duke University
  1. [EISINSTRUCTOR] Instructor, English for International Students (deadline 2017/10/13*, end 2017/12/15)
113 0
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
  1. [POPEDU] Professor of the Practice (end 2017/12/29)
Duke Kunshan University
  1. [AHFACULTY] Faculty Positions (rank open) in Arts&Humanities (filled)
  2. [LCCFACULTY] faculty positions (rank open) in the Language and Culture Center
  3. [NSFACULTY] Faculty Positions (Rank Open) in Natural Sciences (filled)
  4. [SSFACULTY] Faculty Positions (Rank Open) in Social Sciences (filled)
Duke Divinity School, Duke University
  1. [ASSISTASSOC] Faculty Director of the Center for Reconciliation (deadline 2017/11/06)
  2. [ASSOC] Pastoral Care
  3. [ASSOCIATEFULLPROF] Faculty Director, Black Church Studies (end 2017/12/31)
  4. [ASSOCPROF] Associate Professor of African American Theological Ethics or Theology (deadline 2017/11/01*)
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
  1. [ACCT] Accounting Faculty Positions (end 2017/12/31)
  2. [DS] Decision Sciences Faculty Position (end 2017/12/31)
  3. [ECON] Assistant Professor (end 2017/12/31)
  4. [FIN] Tenure Track Professors in Finance (end 2017/12/31)
  5. [HSM] Assistant Professor (end 2017/12/31)
  6. [MARKETING] Tenure Track Professors in Marketing (end 2017/12/31)
  7. [MGMT] Assistant Professor (end 2017/12/31)
  8. [OPS] Faculty Position in Operations Management (end 2017/12/31)
  9. [STRAT] Tenure Track Faculty Position in Strategy (end 2017/12/31)
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. [MARCHUK] Postdoctoral Fellow
2024 0
Theater Studies, Duke University
  1. [TENURED] Associate or full professor of Theater Studies (deadline 2017/10/20, end 2017/12/31)
Department of Pediatrics, Duke University Medical Center
  1. [TRFI] Translational Reproductive/Fetal Immunologist
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. [LUFTIG] Postdoctoral Fellow
2745 0
Duke University Talent Identification Program, Duke University
  1. [RESEARCH] DUKE TIP-Research Scientist (end 2018/01/07)
2096 0
Dance Program, Duke University
  1. [PROFPRACTICE] Assistant or Early Associate Professor of the Practice (end 2018/01/10)

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