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Particle physics and cosmology, The Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. [RA1] Research Associate (end 2015/09/01)
Department of Physics, Nuclear Theory Group, University of Illinois at Chicago
  1. [PRA] Postdoctoral Research Associate (deadline 2015/01/01, end 2015/09/01)
Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex System, Institute for Basic Science
  1. [JRTLRFPOSTDOC] Junior Research Team Leaders / Research Fellow / Postdoctoral / Researcher Positions (end 2015/09/04)
Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe, Institute for Basic Science
  1. [SRF] Senior(3+2 years) Research Fellow in Particle/Cosmology Theory (deadline 2015/07/15, end 2015/11/20)
  2. [ASSISTPROF] Tenure-track faculty position in particle theory phenomenology (end 2015/11/30)
School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study
  1. [JVP] Junior Visiting Professor (end 2015/12/01)
  2. [MEMBER] Member (end 2015/12/01)

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