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Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark
  1. new posting[PHDTPP] PhD Position in Theoretical Particle Physics (end 2017/11/08)
Department of English, University of Oregon
  1. new posting[CAREER] Instructor of English (end 2017/11/15)
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Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto
  1. new posting[APKIN] Assistant Professor - Kinesiology (end 2017/11/27)
Particle Theory / Cosmology, Johns Hopkins University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] JHU Postdoctoral Fellow (end 2017/12/01)
Program in Media Arts and Sciences/Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1. new posting[ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Tenure Track Assistant Professor - Design and Arts (end 2017/12/01)
Center for Astrophysical Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
  1. new posting[PDTAP] Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Astrophysics (end 2017/12/15)
Psychology, Koç University
  1. new posting[PSYCHOLOGY] Koc University Faculty Positions in Psychology (end 2017/12/15)
Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Cornell University
  1. new posting[RA] Research Associate (end 2017/12/31)
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Lederman Fellowship, Fermilab
  1. new posting[LF2018] Lederman Postdoctoral Fellowship in Experimental Physics (end 2017/12/31)
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Particle Physics Division, Fermilab
  1. new posting[PPDRA2DM2017] Postdoctoral Research Associate (Astrophysics - SuperCDMS SNOLAB, or LZ experiments) (end 2017/12/31)
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Field theory and Particle Physics Center of Fudan University, Fudan University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Fellow (end 2017/12/31)
Personnel Office, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. new posting[POSTDOCTORAL] Postdoctoral Positions (end 2017/12/31)
  2. new posting[RESEARCHFACULTY] Research Faculty Positions (end 2017/12/31)
SoE/SNI, Stanford University
  1. new posting[TAP] Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Stanford University
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Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  1. new posting[DEAN] Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (end 2017/12/31)
Center for Astrophysical Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
  1. new posting[PCIM] Postdoctoral Position in Cosmological Intensity Mapping (end 2018/01/01)
Department of Psychology, Ohio State University
  1. new posting[HUMDEVCOG] Assistant Professor (withdrawn)
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Physics
  1. new posting[COSDIVFELLOW2018] Cosmology Divisional Fellow (end 2018/01/15)
Theoretical Physics, University of Heidelberg
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Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
  1. new posting[PDRA] Postdoctoral Research Associates in Theoretical Particle Physics
School of Food & Agriculture, University of Maine
  1. new posting[DPD] Director of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (DP), Undergraduate Program Coordinator, and Lecturer in Human Nutrition (end 2018/01/29)
Physics, Duke University
  1. new posting[POSTDOCPNT] Postdoctoral Associate in Particle/Nuclear Theory (end 2018/01/31)
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Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University
  1. new posting[NTU_ATMOS] Faculty Positions – Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (end 2018/01/31)
Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Research Associate (end 2018/02/02)
  2. new posting[POSTDOCFELLOWSHIP] Junior Scholar Postdoctoral Associate (end 2018/02/02)
Sezione di Roma, INFN
  1. new posting[PD] Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Particle Physics (end 2018/02/12)
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Department of Physics, Ecole Normale Supérieure
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] Post-doctoral position
  2. new posting[POSTDOCTORAL] Post-doctoral position
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Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University
  1. new posting[CSE] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (end 2018/04/01)
Cornell Population Center, Cornell University
  1. new posting[PAINCPC] Postdoctoral Associate - Cornell Population Center
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Dept. of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  1. new posting[FAC] Professor (Assistant, Associate or Full)
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Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, University of Tokyo
  1. new posting[KAPF2017] Kavli Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship
Intercollegiate Department of Asian Amerian Studies, Harvey Mudd College
  1. new posting[APASAM] Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies (end 2018/04/13)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Physics
  1. new posting[SNPOSTDOC] Supernova Cosmology Postdoctoral Scholar (end 2018/04/13)
The Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware
  1. new posting[ASTROPARTICLEPHYSICS] Faculty Position in Astroparticle Physics (end 2018/04/13)
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Information and Computer Sciences Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  1. new posting[APDS] Assistant Professor
Physics and Astronomy/Center for Materials Theory, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  1. new posting[CMTPF] Center for Materials Theory (end 2018/04/15)
Condensed Matter Theory Group, University of California Santa Cruz
  1. new posting[PCMT1] Postdoctoral Position in Condensed-Matter-Theory Group at the University of California Santa Cruz (end 2018/04/15)
English Department, Merrimack College
  1. new posting[COORDINATOROFFIRSTYEARWRITING] Coordinator of First-Year Writing (end 2018/04/16)
Religious & Theological Studies, Merrimack College
  1. new posting[ASSISTANTPROFESSORRELIGIOUSANDTHEOLOGICA] Assistant Professor, Religious and Theological Studies (end 2018/04/16)

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