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PPA HEP Group, Stanford University
  1. [RSD] Research Software Developer (deadline 2016/03/31, end 2016/08/10)
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  1. [TELLURIDE] 2016 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Workshop (deadline 2016/04/10, end 2016/08/11)
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Duke University
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Duke University (deadline 2016/04/15)
280 0
Psychology/Sociology, Benedictine University
  1. [ASTPROFPSY12222015] Assistant Professor in Experimental Psychology (end 2016/08/14)
Animal Science, Cornell University
  1. [NUTRITIONANDENVIRONMENTALMODELING] Assistant Professor of Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Environmental Modeling (end 2016/08/14)
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Stony Brook University
  1. [CMEAP] Assistant Professor (tenure-track)/Associate Professor in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics - Stony Brook University (end 2016/08/15)
1768 0
Center for Quantum Devices, University of Copenhagen
  1. [POSTDOCMAJOR] Postdoctoral fellow in Majorana device fabrication at the Center for Quantum Devices/Station Q Copenhagen (end 2016/08/15)
Global Asia Initiative, Duke University
  1. [PDA] Postdoctoral Associate, Asian Connections (deadline 2016/04/15)
368 0368 7056
Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  1. [BIOSTAT] Biostatistician (end 2016/08/17)
Beyond center, Arizona State University
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral fellowship (end 2016/08/18)
2428 0
Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  1. new posting[FAP] Full or Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1)in Translational Medicine (end 2016/08/19)
Graduate Business Administration, Benedictine University
  1. [ASTPROFFINANCE04142016] Assistant Professor of Finance (end 2016/08/22)
Psychology/Sociology, Benedictine University
  1. [ASTPROFCLPSYCH04132016] Assistant Professor (end 2016/08/22)
University Libraries, Colgate University
  1. [COLLARCH] Collections Archivist (end 2016/08/22)
263 0
Engineering, Harvey Mudd College
  1. [VISITOR] Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering (deadline 2016/06/15, end 2016/08/23)
Music, Benedictine University
  1. [INSTCHORALCOND05052016] Instructor of Choral Conducting
Government, Georgetown University
  1. [VAPRACE] Visiting Assistant Professor in Race and U.S. Politics (deadline 2016/03/15)
Pribiag Research Group, University of Minnesota
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Associate - School of Physics & Astronomy University of Minnesota (end 2016/08/25)
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Cornell University
  1. [FONTES] CHESS Scientist (end 2016/08/26)
Government, Georgetown University
  1. [PDFPRI] Post-Doctoral Fellow for Prisons and Justice Initiative (deadline 2016/03/15, end 2016/08/26)
Subatomic Physics Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology
  1. [TF] Teaching Faculty (deadline 2016/05/31, end 2016/08/26)
  2. [TT] Tenure Track Faculty (deadline 2016/05/31)
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University
  1. [HEPT] HEPT-Postdoc (end 2016/08/27)
1705 0
Particle Physics Division, Fermilab
  1. [RESEARCHASSOCIATE] g-2 / Mu2e Research Associate (deadline 2016/04/04, end 2016/08/29)
Computer Science, University of Rochester
  1. [PS] Postdoctoral Scholar (deadline 2016/03/15, end 2016/08/29)
Labor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon
  1. [PROTEMPORE] Pro Tem Instructor/Research Pool (end 2016/08/30)
1930 0
Dept. of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  1. [PARADYN] Assoc or Asst Researcher, Computer Science
2061 0
Physics, Baylor University
  1. [POSTDOC] Nano-Optics Postdoctoral Research Associate and PhD Graduate Student Positions (end 2016/08/31)
Department of Biology, Boston University
  1. [LECTMP] Lecturer (deadline 2016/06/17, end 2016/08/31)
Animal Science, Cornell University
  1. [CATTLEBIOLOGY] Assistant or Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Biology (end 2016/08/31)
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University
  1. [FIELDCROPSSPECIALIST] Field Crops Specialist (Extension Associate) (end 2016/08/31)
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Cornell University
  1. [INSITUPD] MILLER INSITU (end 2016/08/31)
Department of Communication, Cornell University
  1. [ASSOCIATEORFULLPROFESSOR] Associate or Full Professor of Communication (Department of Communication / Jacobs Institute) (end 2016/08/31)
New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, Cornell University
  1. new posting[EABIO] Extension Associate - Biocontrol Specialist
  2. new posting[EANEWA] Extension Associate - NEWA Coordinator
  3. new posting[EAWEED] Extension Associate - Weed Management Specialist (end 2016/08/31)
  4. new posting[SEAIPM] Senior Extension Associate - Livestock and Field Crops IPM Coordinator
931 0
Institute for Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  1. [PDRA] Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate in Particle Theory and Cosmology (end 2016/08/31)
PPA HEP Group, Stanford University
  1. [FACULTYEPP] Faculty - Experimental Neutrino Physics (end 2016/08/31)

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