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Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Research Associate (posted 2018/10/16)
2452 0
Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University
  1. new posting[SIIS2019] Summer Institute for Israel Studies Fellowship 2019 (posted 2018/10/16)
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. new posting[FACULTY2018] Tenure-track Faculty Position (posted 2018/07/23, updated 2018/10/16)
Physics, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  1. new posting[PD] Postdoc in theoretical particle physics (posted 2018/10/16)
Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences
  1. new posting[POSTDOC2019] Postdocs and Research Scholars (posted 2018/10/16)
1810 0
Center for Future High Energy Physics, Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] two postdoctoral fellow positions at CFHEP (posted 2018/10/15)
Liberal Studies, California State University, East Bay
  1. new posting[APLBST] Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies (posted 2018/10/15)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, School of Engineering, University of New Mexico
  1. new posting[TTF] Tenure Track Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (posted 2018/10/15)
80 0
Theoretical Physics Group, Fermilab
  1. new posting[RATHEORY] Postdoctoral Research Associate (posted 2018/10/15)
School of Communication, Chapman University
  1. new posting[TTAP] Assistant Professor of Communication (posted 2018/10/17, updated 2018/10/15)
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arizona State University
  1. new posting[SOCPROF] Assistant Professor in Sociology (posted 2018/10/17, updated 2018/10/15)
2191 0
The College of Education & Human Ecology, Human Sciences, The Ohio State University
  1. new posting[HDFSEC] Assist/Assoc Prof. HDFS, Early Childhood (posted 2018/10/15)
Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics, University of Maryland
  1. new posting[QPOST] Quantum Computation Applications in Particle, Nuclear and Condensed-Matter Physics (posted 2018/10/15)
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, York University
  1. new posting[CRC] Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Engineering (posted 2018/10/15)
  2. new posting[FTTS2] Computer Systems (Assistant or Associate Professor, tenure-stream) (posted 2018/10/15)
  3. new posting[FTTS1] Software Engineering (Assistant Professor, tenure-stream) (posted 2018/10/15)
  4. new posting[TSCLA] Computer Security (2 positions): (1) Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (tenure-stream); (1) Sessional Assistant Professor (three-year CLA) (posted 2018/10/15)
  5. new posting[FTTS] Computer Science (Associate or Full Professor, tenure-stream) - Markham Centre Campus (posted 2018/10/15)
Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon
  1. new posting[PHILDATA] Assistant Professor of Philosophy/Data Science (posted 2018/08/01, updated 2018/10/15)
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Stanford University
  1. new posting[FGSS] Prof or Assoc Prof affiliated with the Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (posted 2018/10/15)
2893 0
Engineering Education, The Ohio State University
  1. new posting[EE3] Clinical-track Assistant Professor of Practice (posted 2018/10/15)
2077 0
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Washington University in St. Louis
  1. new posting[LECTURER] Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (posted 2018/10/15)
1844 0
Human Resources Office, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  1. new posting[CEE18101509] Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering (posted 2018/10/15)
Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] postdoctoral researchers (posted 2018/10/15)
503 0
Science Division, Yale-NUS College
  1. new posting[FDS] Tenured or Tenure-track (open rank) faculty position in Data Science (posted 2018/10/14)
School Of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  1. new posting[POSAMG] Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Shanghai Jiao Tong University (posted 2018/10/13)
Center for Statistical Science, Peking University, China
  1. new posting[MULTIPLEOPENRANK] Multiple Open Rank Tenure-track or Tenured Positions in Statistics and Related Fields (posted 2018/10/13)
Design + Environmental Analysis, Cornell University
  1. new posting[TTAAPROF2018] Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professors - Department of Design and Environmental Analysis (posted 2018/10/12)
1610 0
School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. new posting[PDRAP] Postdoctoral Researcher - Astrophysics POEMMA (posted 2018/10/12)
Department of Earth & Environment, Boston University
  1. new posting[ASTP] Assistant Professor (posted 2018/10/12)
Economics, Ohio State University
  1. new posting[EP] Eric Byron Fix-Monda Endowed Professorship (posted 2018/10/12)
Department of Physics, Boston University
  1. new posting[ASTP] Assistant Professor (posted 2018/10/12)
791 0
Arts & Sciences: International Comparative Studies, Duke University
  1. new posting[POP] Professor of the Practice ( Open Rank) (posted 2018/09/30, updated 2018/10/12)
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. new posting[YANPOSTDOC2018] Postdoctoral Associate (posted 2018/10/12)
School of Social Work, University of Connecticut
  1. new posting[2019136] Assistant/Associate Professor (posted 2018/10/12)
Molecular Biology and Genetics, KoƧ University
Personnel Office, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1. new posting[POSTDOCTORAL] Postdoctoral Positions (posted 2018/10/11)
Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University
  1. new posting[PFHEPTH] POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW (HIGH ENERGY THEORY) (posted 2018/10/11)
Physics, Georgetown University
  1. new posting[NTLPER] Assistant Teaching Professor (posted 2018/10/17, updated 2018/10/11)
2576 0
Joint Space-Science Institute, University of Maryland
  1. new posting[JSIPOSDOC] Neil Gehrels Prize Postdoctoral Position (posted 2018/10/11)

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