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University of Oregon, Geography
  1. [GEOGRAPHY] Assistant Professor - Environmental Remote Sensing (accepting applications, starting 2020/09/16)
Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy
  1. [PPSASSTPROF] PPS Assistant Professor - Clinical (deadline 2019/06/02)
Ohio State University, Postdoc Positions in Astronomy
  1. [CPF] Columbus Prize Postdoctoral Fellow
Ohio State University, Sociology
  1. new posting[AP] Assistant Professor - Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Sexualities (2019/09/20)
University of Oregon, Computer and Information Science Department
  1. [ORBC] Open Rank Professor of Computer and Information Science (Cybersecurity) (filled, deadline 2018/12/15)
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University of Oregon, Department of Cinema Studies
  1. new posting[TTGS] Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies (2019/10/15)
University of Oregon, Department of Human Physiology
  1. [ASSTPROF] Assistant Professor of Human Physiology (2019/10/14)
University of Oregon, Department of Political Science
  1. [AY20POOL] Instructor Pool (accepting applications)
  2. [AY20_IHP] Assistant Professor (accepting applications)
University of Oregon, Institute of Neuroscience
  1. [PD] Postdoctoral Scholar
University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication
  1. [NTTF] Instructor (2019/09/03)
University of Oxford, Oxford Department of International Development
  1. [AP] Associate Professorship of Development Studies (2019/09/13)

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