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Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Boston University
  1. [ASTP] Assistant Professor (end 2019/03/26)
Department of Sociology, Boston University
  1. [ASTP] Assistant Professor (end 2019/03/26)
2057 0
School of Education, Boston University
  1. [CLASTPENGLISHED] Clinical Assistant Professor, English Education (end 2019/03/26)
  2. [MATHEDPROFESSOR] Associate/Full Professor in Math Ed (end 2019/03/26)
3250 0
Social Science Research Institute, Duke University
  1. [SRBRCCL319] Senior Behavioral Researcher(CCL) March 2019 (end 2019/03/26)
1478 0
Department of Linguistics, McGill University
  1. [ASSTPROF_LING] Theoretical Syntax (making offers, deadline 2018/12/19, end 2019/03/26)
Physics Department, Nuclear and Nuclear Astro Group, University of California, Berkeley
  1. [PDF] Postdoctoral Fellow (deadline 2018/12/01, end 2019/03/26)
Department of Food Science, Cornell University
  1. [PAB] Postdoctoral Associate in Biofilms (filled, deadline 2018/10/26, end 2019/03/27)
Language and Culture Center, Duke Kunshan University
  1. [EAPFACULTY] EAP faculty positions
School of City & Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [CRP] Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning (deadline 2018/11/26, end 2019/03/27)
  2. [USA] Assistant Professor in Urban Spatial Analytics and Data Science (deadline 2018/11/26, end 2019/03/27)
Computer and Information Sciences, Temple University
  1. [TENURETRACKFACULTY] Tenure Track Faculty (deadline 2018/11/01, end 2019/03/27)
Albert Einstein Center for fundamental Physics, University of Bern
  1. [POSTDOC] postdoc (deadline 2018/12/01, end 2019/03/27)
Comp Eng Comp Sc, California State University, Long Beach
  1. [APCECS] Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering & Computer Science (deadline 2019/01/20, end 2019/03/28)
Language and Culture Center, Duke Kunshan University
  1. [CSLFACULTY] Chinese language faculty positions
  2. [CSLFACULTY1] Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Chinese as a Second Language
School of Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [TENTT] Industrial Design Faculty Position (deadline 2018/11/15, end 2019/03/28)
Geography, Ohio State University
  1. [URBAN] Urban Sustainability (deadline 2018/11/01)
Geography, University of Connecticut
  1. [2019123] Visiting Assistant Professor (end 2019/03/28)
School of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut
  1. [2019125] Assistant Professor (end 2019/03/28)
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Connecticut
  1. [2018475] Head of the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department (end 2019/03/28)
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Research Positions in High Energy Theory/Cosmology, University of Pennsylvania
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Washington State University
  1. [TT] Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Systems, Computer Science (deadline 2018/12/01, end 2019/03/28)
Law School, Cornell University
  1. [CLARKE] Clarke Professorship & Directorship - Cornell Law School (end 2019/03/29)
School of Integrative Plant Science – Section of Soil and Crop Sciences, Cornell University
  1. [ASSISTANTASSOCIATEPROFESSOR] Digital Agriculture: Agronomy Assistant/Associate Professor
137 0
Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University
  1. [UNDERGRAD] Visiting Undergraduate Student - Payne (end 2019/03/29)
Sanford School of Public Policy - NRR, Duke University
  1. [RESEARCHSCIENTISTCCFP] Research Scientist (end 2019/03/29)
2620 0
Peoples Fellowship Committee, Fermilab
  1. [PF2019] Peoples Fellowship 2019 (Associate Scientist) (end 2019/03/29)
Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  1. [PDRA] Postdoc in theoretical and computational condensed matter physic (end 2019/03/29)
758 0
Arts, McGill University
  1. [MISCDIR] Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada
306 0
Mount Allison University
  1. [ASTB] Assistant Professor of Marine Biology (end 2019/03/29)
School of Engineering, San Francisco State University
  1. [CE] Tenure Track Position in Civil Engineering (deadline 2018/12/01, end 2019/03/29)
Simons Bootstrap Collaboration
  1. [POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral fellow (deadline 2018/12/01, end 2019/03/29)
2094 0
College of Education and Human Ecology, Educational Studies, The Ohio State University
  1. [ESCHAIR] Chair (end 2019/03/29)
2893 0
Engineering Education, The Ohio State University
  1. [EED2] Research Faculty Position (deadline 2019/03/15, end 2019/03/29)
IPhT, CEA Saclay
  1. [POSTDOC] Post Doctoral position in Condensed Matter Physics (offers accepted, filled)
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, Cornell University
  1. [REUSTUDENT2019] REUSTUDENT 2019 (filled, deadline 2019/01/25)
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
  1. [LPSRESASSOC] Research Associate - LPS (end 2019/03/30)
Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland
  1. [HPF] QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellowship (deadline 2018/12/01)

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