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Department of English, University of Oregon
  1. [CAREER] Instructor of English
Department of Biology, University of Oregon
  1. [GENOMICS] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/11/15, end 2018/04/01)
  2. [IMBSEARCH] Genome Function Tenure Related Positions (deadline 2017/11/01, end 2018/04/01)
  3. [IONSEARCH] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/10/21, end 2018/04/01)
  4. [MICROSEARCH] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/10/20, end 2018/04/01)
  5. [ZEBRAFISHSEARCH] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/10/15, end 2018/04/01)
Physics, University of Oregon
  1. [HETPOSTDOC] Postdoctoral Research Scholar (deadline 2017/12/08, end 2018/05/17)
Computer and Information Science Department, University of Oregon
  1. [AP1] Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/01/15, end 2018/05/20)
Department of Human Physiology, University of Oregon
  1. [NTTFI] Non-Tenure Track Career Instructor (deadline 2018/02/02, end 2018/07/08)

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