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School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [TTFP2018] Tenure Track Faculty Position (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [FAC18] Tenure-Track Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
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School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [TTFP] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [AAP] Tenured-Track Faculty Positions Solid Earth Geosciences and Planetary Sciences (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. new posting[FPAC] Faculty Position in Atmospheric Chemistry - Open Rank (Area of Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols & Clouds) (accepting applications, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [CIRCUITS] GT-ECE-Integrated Circuits and Systems Design (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [COMPIMAGING] GT-ECE-Computational Imaging (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  3. [CYBERSEC] GT-ECE-Cybersecurity (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  4. [LEADINGEDGE] GT-ECE-Leading Edge (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  5. [MACHLEARN] GT-ECE-Machine Learning (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  6. [PROFESSOR] Hightower Chair in Systems and Control (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  7. [SENSORS] GT-ECE-Sensors and Edge Computing (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
School of History and Sociology, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [SOCPROF] Associate/Assistant Professor of Sociology (deadline 2018/09/14, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)

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