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Biology Department, Merrimack College
  1. [ASSISTANTINSTRUCTIONALPROFESSOR] Assistant Instructional Professor (Massachusetts, US)
Civil Engineering, Merrimack College
  1. [ASSISTANTORASSOCIATEPROFESSORFORCIVILENG] Assistant or Associate Professor for Civil Engineering (Massachusetts, US)
Computer Science, Merrimack College
  1. [CHAIROFCOMPUTERSCIENCE] Chair of Computer Science (Massachusetts, US)
Health Sciences Department, Merrimack College
  1. [ATHLETICTRAININGCLINICALASSISTANTPROFESS] Clinical Assistant Professor of Athletic Training (Massachusetts, US)
  2. [NURSING] Non-Tenure Track Clinical Faculty in Nursing (Massachusetts, US)
History Department, Merrimack College
  1. [HISTORY] Lecturer in History (Massachusetts, US)
Master of Public Affairs Graduate Program, Merrimack College
  1. [MPA] Lecturer/Director of the Master of Public Affairs Program (Massachusetts, US)
Sport Management, Merrimack College
  1. [ASSISTANTASSOCIATEPROFESSORINSPORTMANAGE] Assistant/Associate Professor in Sport Management (Massachusetts, US)

(8 positions listed)

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