Physics JETSCAPE group, Wayne State University

Wayne State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

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The Jet Energy-loss Tomography with a Statistically and Computationally Advanced Program Envelope (JETSCAPE) collaboration is a nine-institution collaboration of theoretical and experimental physicists, computer scientists and statisticians, funded by the NSF. The goal of the collaboration is the construction of a modular integrated software framework consisting of interacting generators to simulate (i) wave functions of the incoming nuclei in a heavy-ion collision, (ii) viscous fluid dynamical evolution of the hot plasma, and (iii) transport and modification of jets in the plasma. Integrated advanced statistical analysis tools will provide non-expert users with quantitative methods to validate novel theoretical descriptions of jet modification, by comparison with the complete set of current experimental data.The collaboration includes researchers from Duke University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., Lawrence Livermore National Lab., MIT, McGill University, Ohio-State University, Texas A&M University, University of California Berkeley and Wayne State University.
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