Using the  LIST  option
      The main LIST page

    The "List" option will bring up a window similar to the one below as its first, main list window.

    Let's take a look at the features offered on this page, starting from the top, going down:

    1. The *Links* listed in the AcademicJobsOnline.Org header are all the actions/options available to you as a faculty member. The first link is "List", which would just reload the List page you are on right now. The other links would take you out of List and into the option associated with the link selected.
    2. If you do not have any applications for your job(s) yet, or if you haven't listed any jobs yet, the Application List area will be blank. Once you have applicants for your job(s), they will appear in this list and the following documentation may assist you.
    3. Clicking on the Application List header will set the applicant list to its default state. You may want to use this feature after you've changed the ordering of the data or number of columns (see details on this below) of the applicant list.
    4. Clicking on a letter in the alphabet listing under the Application List header will create a list of only those applicants whose last name begins with that letter.
    5. To the right of the alphabetic selection, you will see the job tags of your job listings. (e.g., Research Asst. Professor might be "RAP"). Clicking on one of these tags will bring up all applicants who hasve applied for that position only.
    6. Clicking on one of the column headings will re-order your applicant list based the alpha or numeric ordering of the column. Drag a column heading left or right if you want to place the column in a different place.

      You can hide columns by clicking on the "x" on the right side of that column. To restore any columns, click on the >> by the Name column heading to restore all (or some) of the hidden columns.

    7. To view, rank, or print an application, click on the name of the applicant, in the Name column. This will bring up a tab, which is documented below.

      Viewing, Ranking, and Printing your applications

    If you click on the name of the applicant in the Name column on the main list page, a new window/tab will come up that displays the applicant's information, references, and ranking information.

  • NOTE: In the first row of data, below the applicant's name & next to the "Address" label, you'll see links for Reload, PDF, and All.

    • Reload will reload the page anew, undoing any selections you've made but haven't submitted.
    • PDF will bring up the applicant's cover letter in PDF format. Here you will be able to save it or print it out.

    • All will bring up all the applicant's materials - cover letter, portfolio items, and reference letters in PDF format. You will then be able to save the materials or print them out.

  • The applicant's information is appended by a section that allows you to rank the applicant by position, similar to the window below.

    Let's take a closer look at this bottom section of the page to clarify what actions are available to you:

    1. Approximately the top half of the page is basically the applicant's cover sheet, supplying the basic information about this applicant. The References section is about halfway down the page, following the basic information. Once a letter has been received online from the reference letter writers, you can view and print the item here.

      • To the right of a listed reference, the first link will refer to the actual submitted reference letter and the format it was submitted in. This reference letter format link could be Word, PDF, PostScript, DVI, GIF, JPEG, LaTeX, TeX, RTF, HTML, or TEXT. In the example window above, the reference letter was submitted as a Word document. Clicking on this link will bring up the reference letter in the format it was submitted. E.g, the reference letter document above, reference.doc will be brought up using Word if the Word link is clicked.
      • PDF will bring up the data in PDF format, where you can easily print it.

    2. The Received Material section lists the materials received from the applicant. Once an item has been received online, you can view, save, or print all the material that has been received for this applicant. For each position applied for, the materials will be listed to the right of the position's tag.

      • To the right of a listed item, the first link will refer to the actual submitted material and the format it was submitted in. This item format link could be Word, PDF, PostScript, DVI, GIF, JPEG, LaTeX, TeX, RTF, HTML, or TEXT.
      • PDF will bring up the data in PDF format, where you can easily save or print it.

    3. You will be able to Rank the applicant in the next section. Registered AcademicJobsOnline faculty and staff in your department could have access to your ratings, recommendations, and comments. Each job that the applicant has applied for is listed at the left. To the right of each position are the actions available to you:
      • The first item is a drop-down box, Rating, which allows you to rank the applicant for this position with a numeric rating.
      • Next is a checkbox Short list. Click to check this box if you wish to place this applicant on your own short list for this position.
      • There is a checkbox Interview that you can check if you want to recommend that the applicant be interviewed.
      • Click the checkbox Offer if you want to recommend that an offer be made to the applicant.
      • There is a text box for Your comments. Please type in any comments you would like to make about the applicant.
    4. At Refer this appl to, you can refer the applicant to other faculty. Select the faculty members from the list, enter a message, and check the email notify? box if you want an email to be sent. The applicant will then be on the other faculty's "referred to me" list.

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