Using the  GROUPS  option

    The "Groups" option will bring up a window similar to the image below:

    Let's take a look at the features offered on this page, starting from the top, going down:

    1. If you haven't added any (departmental or other) groups yet, the List of Registered Employers area will be blank except for your institutional group. Your institutional group will be marked with a red paragraph symbol.
    2. By default, ALL groups will be listed, both current and expired. To see only the current groups, click on the current link next to the List of Registered Employers header. Click on the map link to see a map of the locations of your groups.
    3. Clicking on a letter in the alphabet listing under the header will create a list of only those groups which begin with that letter.
    4. Clicking on one of the column headings will re-order your Groups list based on the alpha or numeric ordering of the column.
    5. To see jobs that a group has posted, just click on the ID # link in the ID column (far left side).

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