Using the  SNAPSHOTS  option

    "Snapshots" allows you to download, in one zip file, all current application materials. This snapshot is a complete collection of all job application material existing in the database at a given date.

    It automatically includes applications for ALL positions marked as "current", "withdrawn", or "filled" if the positions are not filtered out on your List page. It does not include positions marked as "finished" or "deleted." For that reason,you should mark a job as "finished" only after you have taken a snapshot, if you wish to do so. If you opted to receive applications through the mail only and NOT through AcademicJobsOnline (advertising only), there would be no reason to take a snapshot.

    A good time to take a snapshot is when current hiring has just finished but before new hiring begins, and you need to keep a complete record for a few years. Once you have created a snapshot, you should go back to the Snapshots page and download it to your own system for safekeeping. After you have verified the downloaded copy on your local system, you can delete the snapshot.

    All snapshots can be kept in the AcademicJobsOnline database for up to 3 years, but we encourage you to delete unneeded snapshots as soon as possible to help hold down operation costs.

    • If you have taken any snapshots before, you will see them listed here by date, most recent first. To look at a given snapshot, just click on the link. You will be shown the complete collection of job application material for that date.
    • You can exclude items from the snapshot by clicking the "exclude items" link in the text above the ...create a new snapshot link. Just select the items you wish to exclude, and those items will not be included when you create a subsequent snapshot.
    • To create a new snapshot, go to the link ...create a new snapshot. If you have taken other snapshots, this link will be the last in the list of links, immediately after the last listed snapshot. If this is your first snapshot, it will be the only link displayed in the body of this screen.
    • If you request a new snapshot, AcademicJobsOnline will begin processing all your application materials. It may take a few minutes until it is done. When completed, you will see a new link listed: Snapshot taken on [today's date].
    • To create a spreadsheet or database of applicant data, use the Labels utility.

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