Using the  WANTED  option
      The Wanted list

    The "Wanted" option will bring up the Job Wanted List, the list of applicants in the system who want to let all employers know publicly that they are looking for jobs. All applicants have the option of being listed here, as a "free agent". If applicants have chosen not to make their information browsable, then there is no way to know if they are in there, unless they apply for one of your open positions. Only the cover sheet is available for browsing. To obtain further information, you should contact the applicant.

    Let's take a look at the features offered on this page.

    1. Clicking on a letter in the alphabet listing under the Job Wanted List header will create a list of only those applicants whose last name begins with that letter. Selecting All will list all the applicants (the default). The list is, by default, sorted by the applicant's registration date.
    2. Clicking on one of the column headings will re-order your applicant list based the alpha or numeric ordering of the column.
    3. To view an applicant, click on the name of the applicant, in the Name column. This will bring up the applicant's cover sheet, with any other info or files they choose to make publicly viewable.

      Search Wanted list; save your search; subscribe to email for new applicants

    You can also Search the Wanted list.

    If you click the Search link while you are on the Wanted page, you will get the Search the Job Wanted List page. (This Search page is different from the one you will get if you don't go to the Wanted page first.)

    Once you've submitted your search, you will get a window similar to the one below.

    You can save this particular search for later user by typing in a name for this search in the text box and clicking the Save button. You can have as many searches saved as you like. All saved searches will be listed near the bottom of your "Search" page for you to manage.

    Another very helpful feature available to you is the option to subscribe to receive email about new applicants that meet the criteria you used in this search. Just check the box: "email on new applicants" to receive any new results for this search and choose the frequency of the email.

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