What is AcademicJobsOnline.org?
       What it is ...

AcademicJobsOnline.Org is an automated job application system created and currently operated by the Department of Mathematics of Duke University. AcademicJobsOnline.Org expands the service of the highly successful MathJobs.Org of the American Mathematical Society, making it available to all other employers (academic, industrial or research) searching for job candidates with advanced degrees in other disciplines.

Mathematics-related departments must register and post jobs at MathJobs.Org.

Both systems have been created for the same purpose of streamlining the academic hiring process and saving time and resources for both employers and job applicants. Just like MathJobs.Org which has become the single essential posting location for mathematics-related jobs, we believe the AcademicJobsOnline.Org will become equally indispensable to other employers wishing to reach all potential applicants in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner.

AcademicJobsOnline.Org enables employers to collectively attract the best job candidates in various disciplines to a single application site. Applicants can easily apply for listed jobs because they only have to learn one interface. The system goes far beyond the traditional online advertisement and resume collection; it enables the employers to manage their hiring processes totally online at one place in a paper-less and efficient fashion.

Departmental groups are able to search, list and rate applicants, communicate with colleagues, produce EEO reports or export data to their own systems, and even manage mailing lists.

The Institution Level membership is a relatively recent option and represents a significant cost saving over having multiple departmental memberships within the same institution. It also enables the institution to have better control over the whole hiring process at the institution level, to make sure your institutional hiring standards and data collection requirements are met. Here are some options the system offers:

  • Enroll any numbers of departments (subgroups) without any additional cost
  • Create an institution wide EEO/AA form and collect all the EEO/AA and EEO compliance data in one place
  • Ensure all job ads follow a standard template
  • Configure additional questions for all applicants or for all hiring managers
  • Download all application data from all subgroups to your own databases

A university can even have multiple institutional membership groups, and each group can operate independently.For example, your EEO office (or the Provost, or the HR) can own the top level institutional group and use it to manage and access EEO data of all the applications -- but it doesn't buy any job slots. Each school/college or division within the university can have their own institutional group and they can sign up their departments to use the service and buy job slots, etc. A school/college within a large institution without a top level institution wide membership can have their own school level institutional membership, if that arrangement works better.

To start using our services as a new employer, please read the User Documentation and then click on the "New Employer" link above to sign up.

"We modernize the faculty hiring process."

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