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  1. Harvard University, BCMP Summer Scholars Program
  2. Harvard University, CMSA
  3. Harvard University, Department of Physics (3)
  4. Harvey Mudd College, Office of the Dean of the Faculty
  5. |-  Harvey Mudd College, Computer Science (1)
  6. |-  Harvey Mudd College, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts
  7. |-  Harvey Mudd College, Engineering (2)
  8. |-  Harvey Mudd College, Intercollegiate Department of Asian Amerian Studies
  9. |-  Harvey Mudd College, Physics
  10. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, High Energy Physics (1) §
  11. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics §
  12. Helsinki Institute of Physics, Gravitational wave cosmology for LISA §
  13. Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Computer Science (1)
  14. Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Biology (2) §
  15. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chemical and Biological Engineering (1)
  16. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Institute for Advanced Study §
  17. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Physics (2)
  18. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Human Resources Office (2)
  19. University of Hawaii, Physics & Astronomy
  20. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Information and Computer Sciences Department
  21. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Institute for Astronomy
  22. University of Heidelberg, Theoretical Physics
  23. University of Hong Kong, Department of Philosophy/School of Humanities
  24. University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Social Sciences
=institutional memberships, §=small research groups, ‡ 15 active job ads

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