FAQ #41 for Job Applicants   [faq]

Subject How to upload large or audio/video files?
Answer You can upload as many files as needed to your Portfolio, but each file has to be less than 10MB in size, and they can be audio/video files in the standard HTML5 supported media formats or other commonly used formats. If you upload files directly in the application form, the total size of all the files to be uploaded from your computer has to be less than 10MB.

To upload a file larger than 10MB, you can either split it into smaller parts and upload each part (if the application form allows multiple files), or upload the file to some other website and provide an URL to it in the file upload form. For scanned documents, you can also try to scan it in a lower resolution or use a small file size format. You can also try to select "PDF Reduce" from the "Help" menu to help you reduce the file size first.

For large files or video/audio files, if you have your own website you can upload your files to, that'd be the best. If not, here are two popular free online storage sites:

  • dropbox.com: see this help or here or here for how to link to your files.
  • Google Drive: see this help for how to "send a link to a shared file".
  • youtube.com: for public video files.
Once you have the file uploaded onto the site, go back to our file upload form by clicking the "add your own..." link or existing category links on your Portfolio page, click on the link "OR type in text/url/html directly here" and enter the URL link to the file in the box provided. Submit the form to add the entry in your Portfolio. Next go back to the application forms where the file is needed and select it from the pulldown lists there to add it to your applications. Please remember anyone who can find the URL can view your file, do not upload any private confidential or sensitive files to any public sites.
Date 2007/12/14 12:04:44

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