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Subject How to get my reference letters delivered from Interfolio?
Question How to make my reference letters uploaded in Interfolio to be accessible to the schools I'm applying here?
Answer You may deliver letters from Interfolio to AcademicJobsOnline.org directly by following these steps. A similar FAQ is also available at the Interfolio site. You are strongly advised not to request Interfolio to mail/email any letters directly to the employers or to us.

Please note: You will need to upgrade your Interfolio account to the Dossier Deliver subscription for access to sending materials.

Step 1. Log in to your Dossier Deliver account. Make sure the letters you need are in your account by checking your Letters or Materials page.

Step 2. From your Letters page, locate the letter you’d like uploaded and click on “View Details” to the right of that letter. You will be searching for the unique email address for that letter. To find it, scroll down on the left. It will be found under “Document Email.” It will always start with the word “Send.” For example: send.*.xxxxxx@interfolio.com.

You will need to copy that email address. (For multiple letters, you will want to copy each email one by one by following steps 1 and 2).

Step 3. Open another browser window. Log in to AcademicJobsOnline.org and then go to your Standard Coversheet form.

  • Add a new Reference entry for each of the letter writers. Copy and paste the unique Interfolio email address into the corresponding email field there. You must keep this email there for the whole application process. If a letter writer has multiple letters for you at Interfolio, you need to add multiple entries on your Standard Coversheet, each with a different email address for a different letter.

  • Check the "email notify writer on submit" or "email again" checkbox for each of the entries. [<== DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS]
    • Note 1: Do not check any of the check boxes underneath the affiliation field including the one that says "must check here if the person above will upload letters on behalf of multiple writers".
    • Note 2: You need to request a letter from Interfolio only once, only make requests from your Coversheet form; you can use the same letter for as many applications as you like. If you forgot to send the requests when you entered the email, you can come back to the Coversheet form later and click on the green arrows there to send them. Do not send email reminders again on any job application forms for the same letters from Interfolio.
    • Note 3: However, if the letters are written for a specific employer/application only, don't check these checkboxes for those letters. Instead, after submitting the Coversheet form next, go to the job application form (by clicking on the 'Apply' link on the Jobs page) and click on the green arrow there for each of the letters to send the requests, and continue with the next step.

  • After you have added all the writers you want, submit the Standard Coversheet form by pressing the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. The system will email Interfolio with your letter requests.

Step 4. Monitor your email. Interfolio will create a new Pending Delivery on your Deliveries page for each letter requested. You will receive a second email notification the moment the letters have been successfully uploaded. If you don't receive the email from Interfolio after a while, please go back to your Standard Coversheet to make sure you have sent the requests (in Step 3 above); if not sent, click on the green arrows there to send them.

Please note: once you have completed the steps above, it will take Interfolio between 1-3 days to get the letters uploaded once they receive the requests. All uploaded letters will be listed on your Standard Coversheet form. Please check there and your Status page to make sure the right letters have been uploaded. If the letters are not listed there, then they have not been uploaded by Interfolio yet. Please contact Interfolio directly at help@interfolio.com if they are not uploaded after a few days.

(Thanks to Interfolio for the instructions above, 07/2018)


For other dossier services, they can follow the same procedure as outlined in the FAQ for departmental staff uploading: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/faqs/0/21


To send letters in the other direction, you can send reference letters from AJO to Interfolio by sending an eDelivery package at Interfolio Scholar Services . Then you can login to your Interfolio account and request the letters to be sent to your employers.

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