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Position ID:FNAL-Accelerator Division-JDRA [#11607]
Position Title: JD Research Associate
Position Location:Batavia, Illinois 60510, United States [map]
Subject Area: Physics / Physics
Appl Deadline:2018/10/10 finished (2018/08/09, finished 2019/04/14, listed until 2018/10/10)
Position Description:    

*** this position has been closed, and no new applications will be accepted. ***

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The Acceleration Division/Target Systems Department is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join the Fermilab team on the NOvA experiment and neutrino beams. A portion of the appointment will be to measure the muon flux of the NuMI beam line and consider effects on the beam flux from proton beam-target-horn changes for the associated experiments. The NuMI muon monitor system consists of several stations located downstream of the NuMI decay vessel and hadron absorber. This system measures muons from the decays that produce neutrinos.

You will become a member of the NOvA collaboration and contribute to physics results. Measurement of the muon flux will improve neutrino flux determination and reduce systematic errors, enabling near detector physics measurements such as cross sections. This position also involves the operation, maintenance, simulations, and data analyses of the muon monitor system. In addition, experience gained using the NuMI muon monitor system can be applied to the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) project being developed for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). Furthermore, extensions of this research could be explored in other areas such as hadroproduction or high-powered targetry research.

The Target System Department consists of physicists, engineers, and technicians involved with the design, construction, operation, maintenance, upgrades of all the high-powered target facilities at Fermilab: NuMI, LBNF, Short Baseline Neutrino (SBN), Muon g-2 and Mu2e. These facilities include targets, focusing elements (horns or lenses), beam windows, collimators/baffles, decay pipes, beam absorbers, and remote handling equipment needed for maintenance and replacement of components.

This position is a three-year, term appointment with the possibility of renewal based upon satisfactory job performance.

You Will

• Join the NOvA collaboration and contribute to the physics analyses.

• Work with scientists and engineers of the Target System Department and the NuMI experiments (NOvA and MINERvA) to determine what muon flux measurements can improve the experiments and determine the integrity of the target.

• Oversee maintenance of the muon monitor system. This will require recognizing when maintenance tasks should be scheduled and organizing the work.

• Develop processes to monitor the performance of the muon monitor system. This will include monitoring the system’s data quality and then determine the stability of the muon flux.

• Model effects of changes to the proton beam-target-horn system and determine how the muon flux changes and how the muon monitor system will respond.

• Determine the muon flux and the systematic error contribution to the NuMI associated experiments.

• Participate in operations of the NuMI beam line and/or target station. The work will include operation of the beam line, monitoring of beam properties, and monitoring accelerator/target station equipment and systems.

• Participate in development of future target system department projects including the LBNF and its muon monitoring system..

• Possibly participate in the high-powered targetry research and development

• Possibly participate in future efforts to better understand hadroproduction for neutrino beams. The Target Systems Department is involved the with NA61/SHINE experiment. Other possibilities include EMPHATIC at Fermilab and other future experiments.

• Participate in other research, operations, and projects of relevance within Accelerator Division and Target Systems Department.

• Abide by and is responsible for performing all activities in accordance with all environmental, health, and safety regulations and practices.

We Are Looking For

• Ph.D. in particle physics, accelerator physics, or relevant discipline by the time of appointment is required.

• Ability to perform simulations and compare with results of a data analysis. Knowledge of modern Monte Carlo codes for high-energy particle productions is desirable. Knowledge of data management techniques and tools is desirable.

• Experience with particle physics detectors or accelerator beam diagnostics is desirable.

• Experience with the properties of fundamental particles and their interactions with materials is desirable.

• Experience with neutrino experiments and neutrino beams is desirable.

• Ability to work effectively under the requirements of schedules and shifting priorities.

• Ability to work effectively with other individuals and within groups of varying composition.

• A record of scientific accomplishments, publications, and other products of research.

• Demonstrated oral and written communication skills, including the preparation and delivery of papers, reports, and presentations. Physical Activity and Work Conditions

Human Factors: mental concentration, tight work schedule, visually demanding

Physical Factors: high voltage, ionizing radiation

Application Instructions

Candidates should submit:

• a cover letter with a brief statement of research interests;

• a curriculum vitae with a list of publications;

• at least 3 letters of reference.

Application Materials Required:
Submit the following items online at this website to complete your application:
And anything else requested in the position description.

Further Info:
PO Box 500
Batavia, IL 60510

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