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California Institute of Technology, LIGO Laboratory
  1. [PDS] Postdoctoral position at the LIGO Laboratory (deadline 2022/03/31 11:59PM)
  2. [POSTDOC] Instrument/Experiment Postdoctoral position at the LIGO Laboratory
  3. [POSTDOC1] Data Analysis Postdoctoral position at the LIGO Laboratory
California Institute of Technology, Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy Division
  1. [ASTROPD] Prize Fellow in Observational Astronomy or Astroinformatics (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
  2. [AWSPD] AWS Quantum Postdoctoral Scholars (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
  3. [BURKEPD] Burke Fellows in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
  4. [CALTECHEXP] Caltech EXP Fellowships: Experimental Physics and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Prize Fellowships (2022/11/13 11:59PM)
  5. [FACULTY] Faculty Position in Experimental or Theoretical Physics (2022/12/31 11:59PM)
  6. [IQIMPD] IQIM Postdoctoral Scholars (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
  7. [MOOREPD] Moore Postdoctoral Scholar (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
California Institute of Technology, Theoretical Astrophysics (TAPIR)
  1. [PDKCTAP] Postdoctoral Position in TAPIR (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
Carleton University, Physics Department
  1. new posting[HK_PD] Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton University with the Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment (2022/10/31 11:59PM)
  2. new posting[POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Researcher - Carleton University (2022/11/30 11:59PM)
Carnegie Mellon University, Human Resources
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral research fellow - operations research and analytics
5055 0
Carnegie Mellon University, Information Systems
  1. [CMUISFAC] Teaching Track Faculty in Information Systems (Open Rank)
Case Western Reserve University, Department of Physics
  1. [VAPS2022] Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics (All Fields) at Case Western Reserve University (deadline 2022/06/09 11:59PM)
Chapman University, Political Science
  1. [POLITICALSCIENCETT] Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tenure Track (deadline 2022/09/19 11:59PM)
Chapman University, Schmid College of Science and Technology
  1. [F23PHYZ] Instructional Professor of Physics (2022/10/31 11:59PM)
  2. [MPPDEI] F23-Assistant Professor, Math, Physics, or Philosophy STEM Mentor, Tenure-Track (2022/10/07 11:59PM)
Chapman University, School of Pharmacy
  1. new posting[BPS] Open Rank Faculty Position, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chiba University, International Center for Hadron Astrophysics
  1. [PHD] PhD Position in Experimental Astroparticle Physics and Neutrino Astronomy (reviewing applications, deadline 2022/05/10 11:59PM)
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation
  1. [FULLASSOCIATEASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Condensed Matter Theory
  1. [PDF] Postdoctoral Fellow
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics
  1. [POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Ultracold Atoms / Condensed Matter (2022/11/31 11:59PM)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, School of Data Science
  1. [TEP] Faculty Openings : Teaching-stream positions (all ranks)
  2. [TP] Faculty Openings: Tenured or tenure-track positions (all ranks)
Cisco Systems Inc., Cisco Quantum Lab
  1. [PD_INTERN] Quantum Postdoctoral Researcher/Intern
City University of New York, Advanced Science Research Center
  1. [RFM] Facility Director (Research Assistant Professor or Research Associate Professor) – Radio Frequency and Millimeter Wave Laboratory - CUNY Advanced Science
4994 0
Claremont McKenna College, Human Resources
  1. [TTAP] Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Probability, Statistics, and Statistical Computing (2022/11/15 11:59PM)
587 0
Colgate University, Department of Art and Art History
  1. [AHVAP] Art Historian—Modernist
Colgate University, Department of Computer Science
  1. [TSAP] (2)TS Assistant Professors (2022/10/15 11:59PM)
Colgate University, Department of Economics
  1. [TTP] Public Economics
  2. [TTUP] Urban Economics and Poverty
Colgate University, Department of English
  1. [FELLOWNONFICTION] O'Connor Fellow in Creative Writing - Nonfiction (2023/01/06 11:59PM*)
  2. [FELLOWPOETRY] O'Connor Fellow in Creative Writing: Poetry (2023/01/06 11:59PM*)
Colgate University, Department of German
  1. [TSAP] Assistant Professor of German (2022/11/01 11:59PM)
Colgate University, Department of Political Science
  1. [TTAP] International Relations (2022/10/08 11:59PM)
Colgate University, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  1. [APN] Assistant Professor of Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience (2022/10/08 11:59PM)
Colgate University, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
  1. [LECT_FR_22] Part-time Lecturer in French (deadline 2022/05/02 11:59PM)
  2. [SPAN_TS_23] Assistant Professor in Spanish (2022/10/01 11:59PM)

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