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College of Engineering, University of Kentucky
  1. new posting[ORFCSE] Open-Rank Faculty in Computer Science/Engineering (posted 2018/12/06)
Dept. of Chemistry, Koç University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC] Postdoctoral (posted 2018/12/03)
Psychology, Koç University
  1. new posting[ANYRANK] Faculty Positions in Psychology (accepting applications, posted 2018/12/03)
Department of Physics/Theoretical Particle Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  1. [PD] Postdoctoral Associate (posted 2018/11/23)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kentucky
  1. [PDPHENO] Theoretical Particle Physics (posted 2018/11/21)
Physics, Kent State University
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Researcher (posted 2018/10/28)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kentucky
  1. [PD2019] Postdoc in theoretical physics (hep-th) (deadline 2018/12/01, posted 2018/10/20)
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Koç University
  1. [FACULTY_COMP1] Faculty Positions in Computer Science at Koç University, Turkey (posted 2018/10/17)
Dept. of Mechanical Eng., Koç University
  1. [FACULTYATDEPTOFMECHANICALENGKOUN1] Full-time Faculty (posted 2018/10/17)
Molecular Biology and Genetics, Koç University
College of Engineering, University of Kentucky
  1. [NTTLFP] Non Tenure-Track Lecturer Faculty Position (posted 2018/10/10)
  2. [AAPSM] Assistant or Associate Professor in Sustainable Manufacturing (posted 2018/10/05)
  3. [AAPBBE] Assistant or Associate Professor in Biomedical or Bioelectrical Engineering (posted 2018/10/05)
  4. [FPAR] Faculty Positions: Autonomy and Robotics (posted 2018/10/05)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kentucky
  1. [CME] Assistant Professor in Condensed Matter Experimental Physics (deadline 2018/12/03, posted 2018/10/04)
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng., Koç University
  1. [ELECFACULTY2018] Faculty Position in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey (posted 2018/10/04)
Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Koç University
  1. [INDR2018] Open Faculty Positions (Assistant/Assocociate/Full Professor) in the Department of Industrial Engineering, Koç University, Istanbul (posted 2018/10/01)
College of Engineering, University of Kentucky
  1. [LME] Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (posted 2018/09/28)
  2. [FPBB] Faculty Position: Biomechanics and Bioengineering (posted 2018/09/28)
  3. [TTFP] Tenure-Track Faculty Position (posted 2018/09/28)
  4. [APME1] Assistant Professor in Mining Engineering (posted 2018/09/27)
  5. [AAFP] Assistant, Associate and Full Professor (posted 2018/09/21)
  6. [SIE] Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (posted 2018/09/21)
  7. [CEPM] Construction Engineering and Project Management (posted 2018/09/21)
  8. [APME] Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering (posted 2018/09/18)
  9. [APCE] Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering (posted 2018/09/18)
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School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  1. [RFAP2] Research Fellows and KIAS Assistant Professors (deadline 2018/12/01, posted 2018/08/28)

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