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United Kingdom:
London, City of (1), Oxford (2), Oxfordshire (2)

Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London
  1. [RASTFC20181] Research Assistant/Associate in Theoretical Physics (deadline 2018/12/19, London, City of, GB)
1747 0
Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
  1. [138357] Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Galaxy Dynamics (up to two posts) (Oxford, GB)
  2. [138097B] Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Quantum Condensed Matter Theory (up to three posts) (Oxford, GB)
  3. [136301] Associate Professorship of Theoretical Astrophysics (Oxfordshire, GB)
  4. [137161] Postdoctoral Research Assistants in Plasma Theory for Fusion Energy (Two Posts) (deadline 2018/12/03, Oxfordshire, GB)

(5 positions listed)

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