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Tenured/Tenure-track faculty (245) • Non tenure-track faculty (101) • Non-regular rank faculty (12) • Postdoctoral (172) • Fellowship or award (9) • Administration (16) • Government or industry (1) • Academic admissions (1) • Student programs (5) • Other (53+)

  1. [EXPH] Experimental Physicist (Other)
  2. [OPENSC] Open Science Manager (deadline 2019/05/12*, Other)
City University of New York, Advanced Science Research Center
  1. [IT] Research Computing Engineer/IT Senior Associate, Level 3 (Provisional) – Advanced Science Research Center (Other)
Claremont McKenna College, Mathematical Sciences
  1. [ADQCLVAPMS] Assistant/Associate Director of the Murty Sunak Quantitative and Computing Lab and Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences (Other)
  2. [VAPMS] Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences (Other)
Cornell University, Fiber Science and Apparel Design
  1. [FSADLECTFASHAESTH] Fiber Science & Apparel Design - Part-time Lecturer (Other)
  2. [FSADLECTFASHDRAP] Fiber Science & Apparel Design - Part-time Lecturer (Other)
Cornell University, Institute of Biotechnology
  1. [BIBIOINFORMATICS] Bioinformatics Coordinator Research Associate, Breeding Insight Program (deadline 2019/08/15, Other)
Cornell University, Law School
  1. new posting[VAPLAW] Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (Other)
680 0
Cornell University, Systems Engineering
  1. [SELECTURER] Systems Engineering Lecturer (Other)
3 0
Duke University, Biology
  1. new posting[ALBPD] Postdoctoral Associate (Other)
  2. [ALB_AIR1] Associate in Research (deadline 2019/05/09*, Other)
  3. [ALB_AIR2] Associate in Research (deadline 2019/05/09, Other)
  4. new posting[GS_AIR] Associate in Research (Other)
137 0
Duke University, Biomedical Engineering
  1. [AIR8119] Associate in Research (Other)
  2. [ASSOCINRES61819] Associate in Research (Other)
  3. [ASSOCINRES62719] Associate in Research (Other)
  4. [ASSOCINRES7119] Associate in Research (Other)
  5. [ASSOCINRES7319] Associate in Research (Other)
  6. [ASSOCINRESLS7519] Associate in Research (Other)
  7. [RESASSOCSM82019] Research Associate (Other)
  8. [VAP72519] Visiting Assistant Professor (Other)
  9. [VISRESSCH] Visiting Research Scholor (Other)
  10. [VRS6719] Research Scholar (Other)
  11. [VRS8519] Visiting Research Scholar (Other)
Duke University, Department of Chemistry
  1. [RS_AEH] Research Scientist - Synthetic Organic/Medicinal Chemist (Other)
Duke University, Duke University Press
  1. [PRODASST] Book Production Assistant (deadline 2019/08/12, Other)
Duke University, Economics
  1. new posting[AIRFIELDRA] Research Associate (Other)
Duke University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. [AIR4] Associate In Research (deadline 2019/08/12, Other)
  2. [RESSCIENT] Research Scientist (deadline 2019/06/30, Other)
Duke University, Evolutionary Anthropology
  1. new posting[PONTZERAIR2] Associate in Research (Other)
Duke University, Margolis Health Policy Center
  1. [RASSOC_WS1_DC] Research Associate (Other)
2864 0
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment - Durham
  1. [ASSINRES_KRAMER] Associate in Research (Other)
Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy - NRR
  1. new posting[NCRESEARCH] Associate In Research (Other)
3250 0
Duke University, Social Science Research Institute
  1. [BRICCL2] Behavioral Researcher I CCL #2 (Other)
Duke University Medical Center, Department of Community and Family Medicine
  1. [RESEARCHASSISTANTASSOCIATEFULLPROFESSOR] Assistant/ Associate /Full Professor (Other)
1610 0
Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Physics
  1. [RSTACRA] Research Scientist I - Theoretical Astrophysics, Planet and Galaxy Formation (Other)
INFN, INFN Headquarters
  1. [DIRECTOR2] Director of the INFN National Center for Advanced Studies Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics (deadline 2019/04/28, Other)
508 0
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Physics
  1. new posting[POSTBACC2019] Physics Post Baccalaureate Fellow (Other)
694 0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Global Studies and Languages
  1. [GER_SL] Senior Lecturer in German (Other)

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