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Zurich (7)

Department of Physics - Extragalactic Astrophysics, ETH Zurich
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoc (deadline 2017/12/01, Zurich, CH)
Department of Physics - Observational Cosmology, ETH Zurich
  1. [ZWICKYFELLOWSHIP] ETH Zwicky Fellowship in astrophysics (deadline 2017/12/01, Zurich, CH)
2686 10799
Office for Faculty Affairs, ETH Zurich
  1. [PODS] Professor of Data Science (Zurich, CH)
1761 0
Department of Physics, University of Zurich
  1. [PDRA] Postdoctoral research associate - experimental particle physics (Zurich, CH)
  2. [PHD] PhD position in high-energy collider physics on the CMS experiment (Zurich, CH)
  3. [PHD1] PhD position in dark matter nuclear/particle physics on the DAMIC experiment (Zurich, CH)
  4. [SRA] Senior Research Associate (Zurich, CH)

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