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Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Chapman University
  1. [PANTT] Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies (filled, deadline 2018/12/30)
  2. [TTPT] Assistant/Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Tenure Track, August 1, 2019
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University
  1. [F19FTBJ] Artistic Assistant or Associate Professor of Broadcast Journalism
  2. [F19NTTTWP] Assistant/Associate Professor of TV Writing and Producing
  3. [F19TTPRA] Assistant or Associate Professor of Public Relations and Advertising
  4. [PROF] Artistic Assistant Professor of Animation/Visual Effects
Schmid College of Science and Technology, Chapman University
  1. [F19GCHEMPTL] Part-Time General Chemistry Lab Lecturers
  2. [F19OCHEMPTL] Part-Time Lecturer Organic Chemistry, Fall 2019

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