Faculty  FAQ's  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please note more FAQs are available online by selecting 'FAQs' from the 'Help' menu after login.

    Can I download all the CVs of all applicants into one PDF document?

    Yes.  Go to one applicant's page, click on the small down-arrow after the 'All' link near the top, check all the boxes except for the CV and submit it. (Adjust accordingly if you download other documents not the CVs.)

    Go back to the main listing page, click on the 'All' link near the top to list all the applicants on the same page.

    Click on the 'PDFs' link at the top to get the big PDF file. It may take a while for the server to get it ready.  Once that's downloaded, go to step 1 to clear all the checkboxes.

    How to create a Search Filter?

    The "Search Filters" can be used on your main application listing page to filter out unwanted applications (so they won't be displayed while the filter is on), or just add a new column to the table. To create a filter, click on the 'Search' link at the top of the page, fill in whatever you want to search for and submit the search form. On the search result page, enter a name in the box there and press 'Save' to create the search filter.

    To turn on or off the search filters on the main listing page, simply select them from the Search Filters pulldown or click on the named links there. The selected filters are kept between logins.

    Why do I see two links like "Word, PDF" for each uploaded file?

    For each uploaded file, we list 2 links for you to access the same file (maybe in different formats). The main reason is that we convert every file in the system to a PDF format in order to make sure they are readable by most readers and fix some common problems in the original files. The 1st link is always the original file, and the 2nd link the converted PDF file. You can access the file using either one.

    Is there an option to allow me to download applications to my own computer to allow me to review them when away from internet access, e.g. while traveling?

    Yes, there is an easy way except it requires your group manager's help. The group manager can take a snapshot of all the existing data and download that zip file to some local file system and then make it available to faculty from there.

    I can't see any applicants on the list?

    It could be because the group manager didn't give you the permission to view any of the current jobs or your job filters are all off.

    The job filters are the list of job tags at the top of the application list page, like: [JOB1 JOB2 Active Inactive]. If any one of these links is grey, it's off and you can't see those applications. You can turn it on by clicking on it.

    What does "Off-market" mean?

    "Off-market" means the applicant has found a job and is no longer interested in a new one for now. If some applicant you are interested in has this set, it's a good idea to double check it with the applicant directly.

    My "Source" column (listing the universities where candidates graduated from) is hidden. I played with things and pressed on other columns and now they are hidden too. Please help me with viewing the contents of these columns.

    There is a double arrow ">>" near the beginning of that header row. Clicking it makes everything come back.

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