User Guide for registered AcademicJobsOnline faculty

You will be on the List page once you have logged into AcademicJobsOnline.Org. The actions available to you are presented as *links* across the top of the page. If you are unfamiliar with what you can do, please first read the information on getting started as AcademicJobsOnline faculty. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Click on the corresponding links below for the detailed documentation on your available options.

  • List ..lists applications received for each job. Review and rate the applicants.

  • Search ..for potential applicants. You can access all applicants who have applied for at least one of your open positions.

  • Jobs ..view your department's listed positions

  • Wanted view all of the publicly available applicants. Also allows you to search the Wanted list and to subscribe to receive email about new applicants.

  • NoCover view all applicants that are not on your department's main applicant list, perhaps because they've sent in a paper application and haven't completed the online application form yet.

  • Under Help
    • FAQs ..refer to Frequently Asked Questions in your area

    • Contact Us ..send us an email with your question or comment

    • NewPasswd ..change your password

    • Switch Roles ..[IF you have more than one role/account in the AJO system] to switch between your roles

    • Shared Notes display notes that you have shared other faculty

    • Dwnlds .. lets you combine several different spreadsheets into one by using some key columns you select

  • Logout ..logs you out of your account

      Contact us

    Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or comments you have!

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