Reference Writer  FAQ's  (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    I have to submit a reference letter, but I don't have a password. How do I get a password?
      When an applicant at AcademicJobsOnline enters any Reference Writers onto their cover sheet, he or she also needs to check the email notify on submit? checkbox so that an email will automatically be sent to the Reference Writer. This email will contain both your password and instructions on how to proceed.

    How do I submit a reference letter using AcademicJobsOnline?

      You will need to receive an email initiated by the Applicant which will contain a password and instructions on how to proceed. The applicant should go into their cover sheet and check the email notify on submit? checkbox. This will generate the email for you, with instructions and a password.

    What formats can I use to to upload the reference letter?

      You can upload the files in the following formats: DVI, GIF, JPEG, LaTeX, TeX, RTF, HTML, TEXT. No matter what format the document is in, it will be automatically converted to a PDF document by AcademicJobsOnline. If you still continue to have problems, then please contact us.

    Who will have access to the reference letters once I have uploaded them on AcademicJobsOnline?

      Only employers to whom the applicant has made an application will have access to the letters. Applicants will see a date of submission, but will never see the actual letter.

    To whom should my reference letter be addressed?

      Reference letters may be addressed to a non-specific reader. This is usually the easiest format for a Reference Writer to use. In that case, the Writer should make the letter viewable to AcademicJobsOnline employers to whom the applicant makes an application.

      However, if a tailored letter to a specific employer is needed, it can be addressed to the specific employer and made available only to that employer. Additional letters should be submitted in the same manner if needed.

    I have uploaded a reference letter for an applicant. How can I see that the letter uploaded correctly?

      Log in and click on the PDF link after your letter. Examine this PDF file (which was automatically generated from your submission) to verify that your reference letter has uploaded correctly.

    Is there a way to make my letter available to any AcademicJobsOnline employers?

      On the reference letter form, in the section Who is the letter for?, the default will make it available to ALL AcademicJobsOnline employers. You will not need to do anything.

    How can I make my letter viewable to only one employer?

      On the reference letter form, in the section Who is the letter for?, you have a couple of options if you wish to restrict a letter:

      If you wish to restrict the letter to one institution, click on the green arrow and select the institution from the resulting dropdown box.

      If you wish to restrict the letter to all applications of a given type (e.g., postdocs), click on the blue arrow and check the checkbox(es) for the type(s).

    Why have I received another request asking that I submit a reference letter when I already submitted my reference letter for this applicant?

      In this case, the applicant must have asked AcademicJobsOnline to resend the email. Perhaps, the applicant does not understand how to check for a letter submission or want you to submit a tailored letter for some employer.

    How do I extend the expiration date on one of my letters on AcademicJobsOnline?

      Log in as usual to AcademicJobsOnline. Click on the name of the applicant for whom you have submitted a reference letter for and would like to make changes to. This will bring up the reference letter form, where you will make the change. Scroll down to the bottom to the Expiration section. Change the date in the format: YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, YY-MM-DD, or YY/MM/DD.

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