Academia Sinica, Research Center for Critical Issues

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Founded in 1928, Academia Sinica has earned a reputation for being Taiwan’s national academic institution. Our statutory mission is to pursue research excellence, nurture academic talent, and issue policy advisories. Academia Sinica currently has 24 institutes and 9 research centers located in three research sections: the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Division, Life Sciences Division, and Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. There are currently over 8,000 research fellows, research technicians, assistants, and administrative staff, making it a rare research institution internationally that achieves a balanced development in both natural sciences and humanities and social sciences. There are three central objectives at Academia Sinica: 1) achieve excellence on a global standard; 2) fulfil social responsibilities in crucial areas; and 3) attract and cultivate top talent. We aspire to fulfill these objectives and contribute to social progress from an academic perspective. Established on January 3, 2024, the RCCI is primarily tasked with selecting critical issues based on the forefront of global scientific and technological development and societal needs, and invites scholars and experts from both within and outside AS to form and execute mission-oriented team projects. The planned topics include quantum computers, quantum photonics, ocean energy, next-generation solar cells, etc. The RCCI will establish cutting-edge research facilities, making the South Campus another major base for scientific research in Taiwan. Through the research and development process from topic selection to problem-solving, the RCCI aims to provide energy for innovation and upgrading in the Southern Taiwan Science Park and disseminate research results throughout Taiwan. The Director's mission is to lead the RCCI to flourish and achieve the establishment goals set by AS. (Details can be found on the RCCI’s website:

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