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All, Biostatistics(3), epidemiology(1), statistical modeling/clincal outcomes/biological determinants(1)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Data Science
  1. [RFBCBLL] Research Fellow - Bioinformatics/Computational Biology in Li Lab (filled)
Duke University, Evolutionary Anthropology
  1. [DREAASSINRES_2019] Associate in Research (2019/06/17*)
2864 0
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment - Durham
  1. [POSTDOC_STAPLETON] Postdoctoral Associate in Environmental Epidemiology
Lehigh University, Population Health - College of Health
  1. [ASSOC] Population Health - Associate and Full Professor
  2. [ASST] Population Health - Assistant Professor
Macalester College, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
  1. [TTSTAT] Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Statistics at Macalester College (2019/10/01)
368 0
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences
  1. [19030] Assistant or Associate Professor (2019/10/18)
  2. [19061] Assistant Professor (2019/11/30)

(8 positions listed)

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