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All, all areas of computer engineering, embedded systems, RTOS, hardware(1), computer architecture(1), embedded and real time systems(1), field programmable gate arrays (FPGA)(1), Internet of Things (IoT)(1), machine learning and other related areas(1), microcontroller(1), Software(1)
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Duke University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. [POP1] Professor of the Practice (2023/07/31 11:59PM)
4514 0
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), Microelectronics Thrust/Dept
  1. [FACULTY1] Founding Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty
Johns Hopkins University, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  1. [TELLURIDE2023] 2023 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop
725 0
Lehigh University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. [NTT] Open term, non-tenure track Teaching Assistant or Associate Professor, or Professor of Practice (deadline 2023/05/15 11:59PM)
Rice University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. [RA] Pre-Award Research Administrator II (deadline 2023/04/07 11:59PM)
University of California, San Diego, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. [ATPECE] Assistant Teaching Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering (deadline 2023/04/30 11:59PM)
University of Connecticut, Computer Science & Engineering
  1. [496521] Lecturer, Computer Science - Stamford Campus
  2. [496807] Lecturer - Computer Science & Engineering
  3. [496865] Assistant or Associate Professor in Residence
  4. [496879] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Computer Science Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  1. [CSETEACH] Open Lecturer Position (2023/06/15 11:59PM)

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