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The Duke Initiative for Science & Society: The Duke Initiative for Science & Society is an interdisciplinary initiative that examines the wide-ranging and integral role of science in social institutions and culture. Science & Society integrates and fosters innovation in related research, education, and engagement at Duke by adopting a pluralistic approach to understanding how science and human endeavors intersect with a specific focus on ethical, legal, and social implications for science. For more information, visit our website at

  1. new posting[ASSOCIATEINRESEARCH] Genomics, Biometrics, & Identity Associate in Research
  2. [CBINSTRUCTOR] Clinical Bioethics Instructor (filled, deadline 2018/10/16)
  3. [DNA] DNA,Biometrics, and Immigration Policy (withdrawn, deadline 2018/04/30)
  4. new posting[DNA1] DNA,Biometrics, and Immigration Policy (accepting applications)
  5. new posting[SCICOMMPD] Post Doctoral Associate (accepting applications)

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