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All, All areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering(1), artificial intelligence(1), autonomous systems(1), bio-ECE(3), brain-machine interfaces and neurally-integrated prosthetics(1), Circuits(1), communication networks and cyber-physical systems research that relate to urban infrastructure, energy, transportation, information security, automation and healthcare(1), computational imaging(1), control systems(1), Data Analytics(1), Data Processing(1), Edge Computing(1), Embedded Computer Systems(1), Engineering Physics(1), healthcare(1), Human-centered design(1), Integrated Photonics(1), Machine Learning/Data Science(1), medical-ECE(3), MEMS(1), mobile sensing(1), Optical/Electronic Sensors(1), Optoelectronics(1), Quantum Engineering(1), robotics(2) ...more...
Harvey Mudd College, Engineering
  1. [HMCROBOTICS] Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor in Robotics/Autonomy (2023/10/09 11:59PM)
University of Connecticut, Electrical and Computer Engineering (School of Engineering)
  1. [497667] Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Robotics Program

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