KEK, Theory Center, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies

3912 0The theory group of KEK started in 1971 when KEK was constructed as a national institute for high energy accelarators. In 1997, the theory division of INS (Institute for Nuclear Studies) of Tokyo University joined the theory group in KEK. In 2008, cosmophysics group was established, and KEK Theory Center became one of the largest theory groups with more than 20 permanent faculty members. In 2008, one of our members, Prof. Makoto Kobayashi, won the nobel prize in physics.

In KEK Theory Center, we are investigating the physical laws in the universe, from microscopic distance much shorter than the size of quarks to large distance of 13.8 billion light years. The questions we quest include What is the fundamental structure of matter? What is the universe made of? How did the universe begin? In order to answer these fundamental questions, it is important that researchers in different backgrounds collaborate and work together. Hence, in KEK, theoretical studies are widely pursued in collaborations among scientists in the field of particle and nuclear physics, as well as closely related cosmophysics.

We also aim to enhance our activities through KEK Theory Center further more. In addition to our existing inter-university research activities, we initiated new visitor programs and new research projects. In this way we strive to strengthenour collaboration with our research community.

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