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All, 3D cell culture(1), Additive Manufacturing(1), advanced energy technologies(1), Advanced Intelligent Materials(1), Advanced materials: Smart Fabrics and Textiles(1), Bio Systems(1), biomaterials(2), bioMEMS(3), combustion(1), Controls(3), Design(1), Design and Optimization(1), Design/Robotics(1), Digitalization of Manufacturing(1), Dynamics(2), Dynamics, Control, Robotics and Automation(2), energy conversion(1), energy harvesting(1), Energy: Sustainability and Resource Management(1), Engineering(2), engineering design(1), enteric coating materials(1), Ergonomics(1), Fluid Mechanics(3), GeoMechanics(1), hard or soft matter(1), Human Factors(1), hydrogels(1), Industrial Engineering(1), manufacturing and product development(1), Materials Science(2), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering(2), Mechanics(3), Mechanics of Materials(1), mechatronics(1), meta-optics(1), metamaterials(1), Micro and Nanoscale(1), microfluidics(3), Multifunctional Materials(1), nano-biotechnology(1), Nano/Micro Fabrication of Devices and Materials(1), Nanofabrication(1), nanomaterials(1), nanoscale energy conversion(1), nanotechnology(1), Optomechanics(1), Photoacoustic Imaging(1), portable power(1), Product Design(1), rehabilitation engineering(1), rehabilitative/assistive robotics(1), Robotics(4), Robotics and Control(1), Smart/Active Materials(1), Soft Robotics(1), Solid Mechanics(1), solid-fluid interactions(1), Space Technology and its Applications(1), storage fabrication(1), Sustainable Energy Systems(1) ...more...
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The Ohio State University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  1. [AY19MAE7] Experimental Aerodynamics - Research Assistant Professor or Research Scientist (accepting applications)

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